7 Amazing Health Books That Will Change Your Life Forever ...

There are many amazing health books that have changed my life, and I know they will change yours too. I strongly believe health depends on your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Like many others, I have struggled with keeping a balance between the three different areas of my life. I’ve dealt with a chronic physical sports injury, a mentally-challenging eating disorder, and putting off my spiritual health at times. Yet, I’ve conquered it all – with the help of these books and a lot of support from family and friends. These amazing health books will hopefully help you with your life as much as they’ve helped me balance all areas of mine. You can find most of these books at Barnes and Noble or on amazon.com.

1. The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder

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This is one of the most amazing health books ever written, no joke. It is so beautifully put together and years of experience and research done by Kimberly Snyder are compiled into one book. Kimberly discusses the importance of eating whole, plant-based foods that she refers to as “beauty” food. She tells of digestion and its effect on your health and outer beauty. This book will help get you away from any ailment you have, and move you towards eating healthy. She also tries to get rid of the “all-or-nothing” approach by giving you three levels of healthy living that can be obtained by doing a little or a lot – just as long as you are doing something! If you are looking for a great, informative book to get you on track, this is it!

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