7 Amazing Reasons to Have a Massage Today ...


Have you ever looked at all the great reasons to have a massage? I’m not talking about the time away from work, or ability to calm down and have space to breathe – I mean the actual health benefits. Massages have a reputation as a frivolous indulgence, but they could actually become an essential part of your life. Check out these amazing reasons to have a massage, and then book yourself in!

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You’ll Be Happier…

One of the top reasons to have a massage – you'll feel happier. Yep. Massages have been proven to decrease cortisol levels, which reduces stress, and to boost the so-called happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine. That means you’ll instantly feel much happier, and it’ll last long after you’ve left. Who doesn’t need a little extra happiness?!


Fight Colds…

LA researchers found that regular massages increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which makes it better at fighting off colds and infections. People who have massages through the year tend to suffer from much fewer colds, flues or infections, too. Yep, you read that right: an hours’ relaxation could actually make you HEALTHIER.


You’ll Feel Slimmer…

This may be a little technical if you aren’t a biologist! Lymphatic drainage is when toxins leave cells to allow nutrients in, and this has a firming effect on the body. Most cellulite and firming creams aim to increase this drainage in order to have an effect. A massage really does increase blood flow, and boost lymphatic drainage, giving you visible results. You’ll be hooked.


You’ll Sleep Better…

Not only will a massage chill you out and leave you feeling calm and happy, but you’ll get an excellent night's sleep, too. Studies have shown that massages affect delta waves, which promote deep sleep, and have a long-lasting positive effect. Massages are even being trialed as an insomnia cure.


You’ll Fight Pain…

Massages are well known for being an excellent cure for back pain, as they relieve tension. Did you know that they fight chronic pain too, though? In a survey, massages were rated as more effective than medication, yoga, exercise and acupuncture, and in some areas, it’s possible to be prescribed frequent massages as part of a pain management strategy.


You’ll Bond…

There might be something in all those “women’s weekends” that are advertised at spas – there is something about the relaxing, healing environment that is said to boost relationships and increase bonding. It’s no wonder that spas are becoming more popular, even with husbands and wives.


It Beats PMS…

Oh yes, you read that right. One of the best reasons to have a massage is the drastic effect it has on PMS. It soothes cramps, eases bloating, evens out mood swings, and kills pain. Having some time to yourself at that time of the month is always valuable, too. Some massage places even offer special treatments that are designed to avoid the abdomen and be extra soothing. Make sure you mention PMS at your appointment – there is some debate over whether certain aromatherapy oils can increase the chances of hemorrhage during menstruation, and most places will avoid these essential oils during treatment.

So, have these great reasons to have a massage tempted you yet?! Once you’ve gone once, you’ll definitely want to make regular massages a major part of your health and beauty habits. You’ll be surprised at some of the great offers you can get, too! Have you spotted any hidden benefits to massages? Let me know!

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Massages are amazing!

Being Massaged by a professional or my huband is my all time Favorite indulgent..I Love going out to my regular haunt bcuz the ambience is Great! The Zen music the mini waterfall, hot rocks candles & of course the kneeding & manipulating of my body from the top of my crown down to my baby toe is Priceless! Wow today is my day off..I wonder if they can squeeze me in : )

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