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Are Menstrual Cups Healthier than Tampons?

By Deeceebee

So this is the third and final article (for now) on menstrual cups and it will answer the last few unanswered questions you might have. We’ve seen what menstrual cups are and we’ve been through the reasons to use them. Now let’s look at the health issues of menstrual cups vs tampons.

1 No Toxic Shock Risk

One of the best advantages of menstrual cups is that they have never been associated in any way with the risk of toxic shock syndrome, something that can be caught through overlong use of a tampon. The airtight pocket vacuum produced by the proper use of a menstrual cup creates an environment where bacteria will struggle to grow quickly, therefore keeping the risk of TSS to an absolute minimum.

2 Comfort

Many menstrual cup users have commented about how much more comfortable they are to wear in comparison to other sanitary products, especially maxi pads. Rather than any awkward bunching in your underwear, or even a pesky tampon string, a menstrual cup sits comfortably within the vagina and, if inserted properly, becomes virtually invisible in terms of sensation.

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3 Length of Wear

Using a menstrual cup allows women to go for far longer periods between visiting the bathroom to make a switch. Whereas it is recommended that you change a tampon every four to eight hours depending on flow, a menstrual cup will give you up to twelve hours of uninterrupted wearing, which is a huge positive if you're going on a long trip or if you're in an environment where you cannot easily access a bathroom.

4 Kinder to Your Vagina

Some of the criticisms of tampons are that they can unbalance the vagina’s natural pH levels and also cause some uncomfortable dryness due to their cotton material make up. In comparison, menstrual cups do neither of these things, as they just collect the fluids instead of absorb them. It might make for a more careful switching process, but your vagina will be much happier about it!

5 You Can Plan Ahead

One of the absolute no-nos of tampon use is that you should never insert one in anticipation of your period starting, as this will cause a big risk in vaginal dryness and even TSS. However, it is perfectly fine to insert a menstrual cup if you believe you will starting your period at some point during the day. There are no absorbent materials or chemicals that you need to worry about, which will put your mind at ease with regards to toxic shock and also with regards to starting your period at an unfortunate moment!

6 There Are No Limits

When wearing a menstrual cup, there is nothing you cannot do that you could also do when wearing a tampon. Activities like swimming, yoga, running, cycling and any other type of exercise you can think of are all absolutely fine to undertake when wearing a menstrual cup. Its practically invisible nature means that you are not held back at all.

7 It’s Cost Effective

The average menstrual cup costs somewhere in the region of $25 to $40 and will last up to ten years if used and maintained correctly. This is in direct comparison to the approximate figure of $1000 that a woman can spend on tampons in the same time period. The cost effective nature of menstrual cups are one of their very best qualities, and often ends up being the deciding factor for many women.

I hope that across all 3 articles, all your questions about menstrual cups have been answered but if not, please enter your query in the comments section.

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