Are You Always Tired? How to Make It through the Day without Caffeine ...

You might go to bed early every night, sleep eight hours, but there's no guarantee you'll wake up refreshed and relaxed. Fortunately, if you have to get up for school or work the next day, feeling tired makes it difficult to get through the day, and you might reach for the caffeine before noon. Rather than rely on a stimulant, here are seven ways to make it through the day without caffeine.

1. Pack Your Walking Shoes

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Whether you have a 30-minute or a one-hour lunch break, bring your walking shoes and take a few laps around the parking lot or down the street. A little exercise gets the blood flowing, which releases endorphins to help you stay awake and feel more alert. This boost of energy is just what you need to get through the rest of the day.

2. Grab a Granola Bar

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It doesn't matter how late you are, or how much you're rushing, don't skip breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, and you'll need fuel to get the day started. Most people don't have time to sit down and enjoy a meal at the kitchen table, but it only takes a half second to grab a granola bar or piece of fruit from the kitchen.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Snack

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Snacking might be the kiss of death if you're watching your weight, but there's a wrong and right wait to snack. Rather then snack on cookies, potato chips and other junk, pack fresh fruit and raw veggies and keep these close during the day. Snacking every 2 to 3 hours regulates your blood sugar and provides a steady boost of energy.

4. Peel It off

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If you're too warm, you might feel sluggish and end up falling asleep. Even if it's colder in the mornings and you have to wear more clothes, layer up so you can pull off items as the day warms up.

5. Take a Birdbath

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Take a five-minute break and splash cold water over your face. A sudden shock of cold water will wake you up and help you stay alert to get through the rest of the day without caffeine.

6. Get Some Vitamin D

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If your workspace is dark, it's hard to stay awake when tired. There are several ways to brighten your workspace. You can put a lamp on your desk with a brighter bulb, increase the brightness on your computer screen, or open the blinds in your office and let sunlight in. If there isn't a window in your office, step outdoors for a couple of minutes and soak in the rays. You'll not only get a dose of vitamin D, the light can wake you up.

7. Snooze

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You might not be able to sleep at your desk, but you can sit in your car for 20 or 30 minutes on your lunch break and catch up on your sleep. A quick power nap might be just what you need to shake off tiredness and raise your energy level. You'll feel more alert, refreshed and this contributes to a productive afternoon.

There's nothing fun about feeling tired all the time, but with these helpful tips, you don't have to rely on caffeine for a quick energy boost. What are other ways to get through the day without caffeine?

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