6 Aromatherapy Scents That Promote Relaxation ...

By Tabbitha

6 Aromatherapy Scents That Promote Relaxation ...

There are lots of aromatherapy scents that promote relaxation. Aromatherapy is the use of scents to promote psychological and physical health and well-being. The use of aromatherapy has long been used in many cultures around the world. The use of different scents can be used to promote relaxation. There are six scents that have been widely used to promote relaxation and relieve stress. So, here are the best aromatherapy scents that promote relaxation.

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While the name sandalwood may lead to the conclusion that this scent is spicy or piney, it is pleasantly neither. It is warm and creamy with a hint of cedar wood. This scent has been used for centuries to enhance meditation and prayer and is one of the top aromatherapy scents that promote relaxation.



If you have ever smelled Earl Grey tea then you may already be familiar with the scent bergamot and not know it. It is the oil that is added to the tea to give it a hint of citrus. It has been said to have a flowering orange scent. Bergamot is known to ease stress, depression, tension, and agitation. It is also effective on stress-related stomach upsets.



This scent originates from a flowering bush that is part of the mint family. It has an earthy, forest smell with some warm undertones and is commonly known as a “hippy” smell. The scent is used for relieving anxiety, stress, and depression. It can also be used as an aphrodisiac, relieving sexual tension.



Of course, vanilla is sweet and sugary. It is derived from the orchids of genus Vanilla. This scent is used to relax the mind and ease anxiety. It brings about a sense of joy, relieves emotional stress and eases sleeplessness.



The most common form of geranium that is used for in oils and candles is the rose geranium. This is the smell of a rose garden in bloom. This scent is used to relieve stress and tension, reduce irritation, and even out hormone levels.

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Ylang Ylang

This scent comes from a flower found in the rainforests of Asian countries. The scent is heavy and sweet with a hint of fruity floral. This scent is used to improve mood and alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also a natural libido enhancer.

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