Awesome Reasons to Kiss More Often ...


Awesome Reasons to Kiss More Often  ...
Awesome Reasons to Kiss More Often  ...

I want you to take a second to really consider something. When was the last time you and your partner had a good old fashioned make out session that started and ended with kissing without anything more intimate and mature happening afterward? If you’re anything like me, probably a long time, right!? Kissing is one of the most fun and passionate things you can do with somebody you like, but for some reason, as we get older we tend to place less importance on it. I don’t know about you, but I happen to think that that is a damn shame! Here are just a few reasons why you should definitely be kissing more often.

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Prevents Cavities

Did you know that kissing can actually protect your teeth by preventing the growth of cavities? A good old fashioned make out session encourages the production of a lot of saliva, and the more saliva you have in your mouth, the more it helps to build tooth enamel. Additionally, the saliva washes bacteria off of your teeth which in turn helps to break down oral plaque!


Burns Calories

It’s not like you could swap the gym for making out, but there is some truth about the process of kissing burning calories! Experts have stated that one minute of passionate kissing can burn anything from 2 to 5 calories, so making out for 20 minutes or so can actually do some positive damage!


Immune System

It might sound like the opposite of the truth, but swapping saliva whilst kissing can actually help to boost your immune system rather than make you sick! Swapping spit is a great way to fend off a common cold, as well as boosting your body’s ability to fight off symptoms of various allergies.


Low Stress

The pleasure and relaxation that you can get from making out with someone special has the power to really lower your stress levels. It’s a way to be intimate and close with your partner without having to think about doing other sexual activities that might be intensive and potentially anxiety causing depending on your circumstances.


Pain Relief

That’s right, kissing can actually relieve pain! The act of making out releases a natural feel-good chemical within the body and these endorphins can often be even more powerful than morphine! So next time you stub your toe, grab your boo and get to kissing!

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