7 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You ...

By Jessica

7 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good for You ...

There are so many cultural habits that get a bad rap, when in reality there are some designated bad habits that are actually good for you! If you're like me (and probably the rest of the population) and suffer from the cultural taboos of bad habits, then keep reading! Your quirks and annoyances might not be so bad after all. Here are 7 bad habits that are actually good for you and improve your daily life, whether you realize it or not!

1 Java Love

Although many people drink coffee on a regular basis, it tends to get a bad wrap because of the caffeine, which is a stimulant. Coffee is one of those bad habits that are actually good for you because the caffeine in coffee can act as a mood regulator and fight off depression tendencies. Always live by the rule of moderation; too much caffeine isn't good for your heart and chemical regulation in your brain, but one to 2 cups per day can stimulate your mood and there are antioxidants in coffee beans that are good for you.

2 Being "Real" when You Need to Be

Coming off as happy and stable all the time is considered culturally appropriate behavior, however if you tend to show your real side by displaying anger, aggravation and your true feelings, it can prove beneficial for you! Bottling up and suppressing your true emotions can negatively affect your stress levels, blood pressure and authenticity as a person. There is a time and place to be "real" but don't live your life walking on eggshells, afraid of showing who you are. Your friends and family will thank you for your authenticity and those who love you for you will be the ones to stick around!

3 Forgetting to Take Your Multivitamin

On the surface, this sounds like a bad idea all around - most of us are deficient in our daily nutrient intake and thus need to supplement through vitamins and minerals. However, have you noticed that when you regularly take your vitamins, you may tend to skip on healthy eating or exercise? This mindset comes in when you feel like you're getting enough nutrients and can thus "splurge" in other areas of your diet and activity. So, skipping a day or two of your multivitamin can actually be a good thing because you're reminded to eat healthy and to be active!

4 Eating at Night or in Bed

A common misconception is that eating at night will make you gain weight. The only way night time eating will cause your weight to increase is if you're eating more calories than your body requires to be sustained. If you've skipped a meal during the day and find yourself starving right before bed, it's much better to eat something than to not out of fear of gaining weight. It's true that your metabolism is slower when you're relaxed at night and winding down to sleep, however, that can actually be a good thing because it means slower eating and better digestion. You will actually be more comfortable and relaxed after eating something! Just make sure to pick blander food to avoid heartburn or other digestive issues.

5 You Skip Going to the Gym

Skipping a day or two at the gym is actually healthy for you! It gives your worked muscles time to heal and repair themselves, which is how you build more muscle. What isn't healthy is being a couch potato on the days you don't work out intensely. Remember to stay active by taking walks or doing house work.

6 Cracking Your Knuckles

While knuckle cracking may be irritating to listen to, there is nothing wrong with doing it if it produces no pain. There is no evidence to suggest that it causes arthritis in your joints, but rather relieves the gas and pressure that builds up in any joint. When you get adjusted at the chiropractor, the "popping' sound in your back is the same as in your knuckles and only helps to realign your joints! Just make sure to stop any cracking if you experience pain or inflammation because you could be tearing ligaments!

7 Procrastinating by Watching Something Uplifting

Constant procrastinating isn't good for overall productivity, but taking breaks to watch a funny show or look at pictures of your cousin's new baby can lead to greater productivity. Your brain needs rest in order to function properly and when you watch something funny or uplifting, your mood improves as well as your ability to focus and be productive! So remember to take breaks often and be mindful of how you're resting.

Don't you feel better knowing that some of these "bad' habits are actually good habits? I know I do! I would love to hear some of your "bad habits"!


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