7 Basic Things about an Elimination Diet You Need to Know ...

An elimination diet consists of eliminating foods that pose allergens in many people. The most allergenic foods are cut from the diet, along with foods that increase inflammation, or increase symptoms in the body that cause pain, bloating, poor digestion, consiptation, acne, etc. Many people use elimination diets as a method to cleanse the body, while still eating whole foods. After 21 days on an elimination diet, most people only suffer a few days of withdrawals, and end up feeling like new people by the end of the diet. Since the body isn’t receiving any potential problematic foods, energy levels are higher, digestion is perfectly seamless, and nutrient absorption is higher. Check out the main food and beverages you’ll need to get rid of when going under an elimination diet. Even if you just cut out the following 7 foods and beverages, you’ll see immediate improvement. Instead of these foods, you’ll be eating all organic lean sources of protein, tons of leafy green vegetables, root veggies, fresh raw fruit, organic nuts and seeds, and dairy alternatives such as almond milk, coconut milk, etc. You can make whole meals, or smoothies using these ingredients as well. For recipes and tips, feel free to check out the sources at the end of this article.

1. Nix the Caffeine

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Caffeine is one of the first things you’ll be getting rid of on an elimination diet. Caffeine exhausts your adrenal glands, causes sugar cravings, and can send your blood sugar all over the place. A little is probably okay each morning, but the problem with caffeine, is it is harder for your body to detox during this diet even if you’re still having a little. Instead, opt for decaf green tea or another caffeine-free herbal tea. You’ll also need to ditch all those energy drinks too. I recommend juicing as a replacement to caffeine. You’ll never feel more alive in your life compared to how you feel after drinking fresh green juice! It sends your energy levels soaring and even for a coffee lover like myself, it takes away my cravings for coffee. Obviously, you’ll need to quit drinking soda, which isn’t allowed on this diet either. Only water, herbal teas and veggie juices are allowed as beverages, along with whole food smoothies using approved ingredients.

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