Benefit Your Entire Body by Going Green Today ...

You know that going green can be good for the environment by lessening your carbon footprint. Did you know that going green can also be good for your health? Not only because you’re improving the environment you live in, but because certain green steps can make your lifestyle much healthier too. If you’re ready for a healthier life, check out how going green can help with these tips from the experts at Women’s Health magazine. Of course, these tips should never replace traditional healthcare.

1. Meatless Mondays Leaves More Room for Veggies

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When you go meatless, you help preserve energy since processing meat requires more than other kinds of foods. However, it’s also great for your health because some cuts of meat are high in saturated fat, which isn’t good for your heart. Skipping meat once a week lets you fill up on fiber-rich veggies, which are also loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients you need for good health.

2. Skipping Antibacterial Soaps Prevents Super Bugs

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In this day and age, people are pretty concerned about killing germs and keeping things sanitary. However, most research now shows that using too many antibacterial products can interfere with proper immunity, leaving you more prone to super bugs, like MRSA. These bugs don’t respond well to antibiotics and can really affect your health. Most experts say that good old warm water and soap is good enough.

3. Stock up Frozen Produce

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Yes, fresh fruits and veggies are a prime addition to your meal plan. However, if you don’t eat them fast enough, you are probably throwing away too many, which isn’t good for the environment. Furthermore, frozen produce lasts longer, preventing food waste, while also loading your body with nutrients and antioxidants. Because these foods are frozen at the peak of ripeness, the vitamins and minerals haven’t had a chance to start degrading.

4. Warm Showers Are Way Better than Hot Ones

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Not only does steaming hot water require more energy to heat, but it also sucks all the moisture out of your skin. When this happens, you can suffer from dryness, itchiness and tightness all over your entire body. Using lukewarm water instead preserves skin health and the environment at the same time. Perfect!

5. Stop Getting Your Clothes Dry Cleaned and You’ll Be Lots Healthier

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Dry cleaning uses chemicals that aren’t good for the environment or your health. The chemicals can contaminate water supplies, but have also been linked to respiratory issues and certain types of cancer. On the other hand, eco-friendly wet cleaning techniques won’t give you a headache or make it hard to breathe. And they’re safer for the environment too.

6. Get Receipts Emailed to You

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Paper receipts are pretty wasteful since you usually just throw them away anyway. However, many of them are also coated in BPA, a substance that experts say interferes with healthy hormone and reproductive health. Ask for email receipts if you need one and then you can print it out at home, which is much safer for your health. Recycle the receipt when you’re done with it.

7. Riding Your Bike Will Never Be a Bad Choice

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When you ride your bike instead of driving, you produce zero pollution into the air around you. At the same time, you burn calories and work your muscles, which is great for overall health and weight control. Biking to work or the grocery store whenever you can will always be a choice you can feel great about.

Which of these suggestions do you plan to incorporate into your routine?

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