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After reading some research about the supplement glucosamine, there appear to be many benefits of glucosamine in your diet. If you love indulging in some lobster and crab, these delicious dining delights could actually be doing wonders for your health. If you're not so crazy for these crustaceans then you may want to take a supplement of this combination of the amino acid glutamine and glucose, which helps build and repair the cartilage that cushions our joints. Our bodies actually make this naturally but its production slows down with age, which can lead to arthritis and osteoarthritis. Here are some of the benefits of glucosamine.

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Although more research is needed in this area, early studies have shown that this supplement is particularly beneficial for children with treatment-resistant Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The Royal Free Hospital in London conducted a small trial and results were encouraging. This is just one of the benefits of glucosamine.


Muscle Strength

Athletes and those with an active lifestyle are sometimes encouraged to take a glucosamine supplement and there appears to be good reason for this. Another study, this time in Denmark, has shown that glucosamine improves muscle strength.


Pain Relief

A study sponsored by the US National Institute of Health and involving 1600 patients, found that participants with osteoarthritis had a decrease in knee pain after taking a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. Chondroitin is a compound which gives the cartilage its elasticity and protects it. It is often taken with glucosamine and you can find supplements which combine them together.


Wound Healing

The body needs glucosamine because it helps make the chemical hyaluronic acid. This stimulates the growth of skin around wounds which are healing. There is therefore a suggestion by some doctors that glucosamine can help the body heal itself by producing its own healing chemical.


Sports Injuries

Again, if you're active and take part in regular sports, it may be worth sitting up and taking notice of this supplement. A study conducted by the Institute of Sports Medicine in Serbia showed that those taking glucosamine had greater flexibility in their knees after 28 days than those who took the placebo.


Spine Shrinkage

Fancy growing a few inches taller? I knew that would make you sit up straighter and listen. Ok, so it's not going to make you supermodel taller, but research from Glamorgan University suggests that glucosamine can prevent spine shrinkage. The increase is not said to be huge but it is still a significant finding according to Dr Peter McCarthy. Perhaps another great excuse to take glucosamine!



If you’re allergic to shellfish and would like to incorporate this supplement into your diet, there are shellfish-fee versions you can take. If you have diabetes, Arthritis UK suggests that you should be cautious about taking glucosamine supplements as they might increase your blood sugar level. Obviously, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, you should speak to your doctor before taking any supplements. You should usually see the effects of glucosamine after taking a daily dose of 1500mg for 3 months.

As with any dietary supplement and complementary medicines, research is ongoing and studies are always being undertaken by scientists to check their efficacy. Every year, a study emerges which contradicts or argues against the one before it, so being informed and investigating what is best for you is important. Does anyone take this supplement and have they seen any benefits?

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Glucoasamine is found in the shells of shelfish so even if uou eat a lot of seafood you wiuldnt be getting any extra in your diet

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