9 Benefits of Seeing a Therapist Every Woman Should Consider ...


9 Benefits of Seeing a Therapist Every Woman Should Consider ...
9 Benefits of Seeing a Therapist Every Woman Should Consider ...

One of the most taboo topics in our society is mental health, but there are lots of benefits of seeing a therapist. Mental health is something that countless individuals struggle with, yet it is still considered to be a weakness or something you sweep under the rug. I think that is bologna. I have been going to therapy for over ten years, and it is something that has immensely improved my quality of life. Obviously, it doesn’t fix my problems, but it gives me tools and skills to healthily deal with whatever problems I have. I am a strong believer that every single person in the world could benefit from going to therapy at least once, whether they have a mental illness or not. Here are nine benefits of seeing a therapist.

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It Helps You Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the primary benefits of seeing a therapist. Do you have a clear-cut idea of what you want from life? Or maybe, you don’t. Therapy can help you identify smaller goals to reach your big goal. What kind of goals? Any! Goals pertaining to physical appearance or health, mental health, relationships, career, personal growth, whatever you can think of. Going to therapy will help you not only set manageable goals but achieve them as well.


It Gives You a Safe Place to Vent

You know those times that person is driving you crazy, but you can’t really talk about it with someone else because they all know that person? Therapy is a fix for that. You have a highly educated individual who is completely separated from the situation and who sees it objectively, as it is without any filters or feelings. You don’t have to worry about judgment, or that they’ll tell someone else (legally, they can’t say anything unless you or someone else is in harm’s way.).


It Can Help You Solve Problems

Therapy can help you solve different problems you have in your life. If you’re having issues in the workplace, at school, with your family, with your significant other, or your friends, therapy is an awesome way to work on these problems and come up with different solutions to fix them or to deal with them.


It Can Help You Navigate Any Life Changes You’re Going through

I remember when I first went away to college, therapy was a lifesaver. I was five hours away from home, had to make new friends, was in a totally new environment, was struggling with balancing school and my personal life…everything was different. Whatever the change is, therapy is an awesome way to set up something consistent and healthy in your life and also to learn how to adapt to these changes and any that may come in the future.


It Can Teach You How to Properly Understand and Deal with Your Emotions

Emotions are tough. I always say that I feel “too much.” What I mean by that is whatever emotion I experience, I feel it HARD. My sadness is deep and dark, my nervousness is paralyzing, my happiness is overwhelming. Maybe you’re like me and you feel too much. Or maybe you’re not. Going to therapy has been vital to me understanding my emotions and identifying them as they come.


It Helps You Understand Yourself on a Deeper Level

By going to therapy, I have learned so much more about myself. I tend to be really hard on myself and see only the bad things. I struggle with anxiety, I feel too much, I’m socially awkward and overexcited. Because of therapy, however, I’ve learned that none of these things define me. Sure, they’re pieces of a complex jigsaw puzzle that make up the hot mess that is me, but being in therapy has taught me that I’m also compassionate, determined, self-aware, and forgiving. I’ve learned what works for me, and what doesn’t.


It Can Teach You Ways to Cope Healthily when the Going Gets Tough

Everybody goes through difficult times. It’s just a fact of life. Therapy doesn’t get rid of the difficult parts of life (if anyone knows something that does that, hit me up!), but it equips you with ways to handle life when the going gets tough.


It Can Help You Have Deeper and More Meaningful Relationships

Therapy is an awesome way to evaluate your relationships, and the part you play in them. One of the most frustrating (but also most important) parts of therapy is learning to accept that you can’t control what other people do. You only have a say in what YOU do and how you react. Understanding this and learning the role it plays in our lives can help us have more meaningful and deeper relationships with our family, friends, and loved ones.


It’s a Strong Support System

My therapist is not my friend. I tell her things I don’t tell my friends, and I don’t expect her to have the same reactions as my friend. A therapist is a trained professional. Because of this, I have different expectations for my therapist than for my friends. Obviously, no matter how amazing your friends are, they have lives and cannot be there for you all the time. I’m not saying your therapist can be there for you 24/7, but they are a strong support system, and in the long haul, they will help you learn how to live your best life.

If you are interested in therapy, don’t be ashamed. There are countless therapists out there, meaning there are even more people out there who go to therapy! You are not alone. Here are some websites if you want to find someone to talk to:

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