7 Benefits of Tai Chi That You Should Know of ...

The benefits of tai chi are more than just looking better and better in your yoga pants with each session. While some benefits of tai chi are obvious body-changers, some are unexpected mood-changers that will get you addicted to moving that body and centering that mind.

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When you concentrate on the individual moves of tai chi, your mind had no other alternative than to concentrate in order to perform them safely and correctly. With this, your laundry list of errands to run and things to worry about is put on the back burner, if it stays on the stove at all. This is a good thing, and one of the main benefits of tai chi. The side effect may be a reevaluation of priorities and necessities.

2. Self-esteem

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When you choose to do something you’ve never done before, you start to build the palette of your life. Each new talent or achievement is a new color on your palette. When you use these colors to paint the picture of your life, it takes on a new vibrancy. With that vibrancy is a new sense of your ever-changing and gorgeous self. How could you not be more confident when you’re doing something good for your body and mind, perhaps something that made you nervous to begin, but that is slowly becoming part of who you are?

3. Expanding Your Social Network

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Hopefully you will be learning tai chi in the setting of a class where the instructor can give you feedback on form and style. You will also be in a sweaty room of like-minded people who are conquering their bucket lists and perhaps fears alongside you. Who couldn’t use one more healthy person in their life to call for a movie outing, an extemporaneous dinner, or just a last-minute tai chi class?

4. Becoming a Member of the Global Society

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Beyond those in your own class, there is something to be said for doing something good for yourself which expands outside the boundaries of the classroom. Tai chi has been around for thousands of years. It is something that connects you with the ancient Chinese practitioners of multitudes of generations before you. Now that’s power!

5. Changing Your Metabolism

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As your body moves, your metabolism could also change. Once you start to use more energy, you may lose weight, change the muscle ratio in your body, or have cravings for healthier foods. When you show your body respect, it will return the favor.

6. Self Defense

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As an aside, tai chi techniques have also been known to be used in self-defense. Not only are you doing something healthy for yourself, you’re also learning a new way with which you may protect yourself too. Good show!

7. Breathing Right

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A main component in many Chinese martial arts is control of your breath. This is the point from which life flows, and returns to your body. Proper breathing is an excellent stress relief as well. The next time you are in a tense situation, stop and take a cleansing breath. Does that change your outlook? In tai chi, proper breathing is essential for attaining and holding good pose. Again, the yin and yang of life appears.

Tai chi and other forms of exercise which balance a healthy body and mind can lead to other wonderful changes in your life. Have you tried tai chi? What did you think?

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