9 Benefits of Using Hemp Protein in Your Smoothies ...

There are plenty of benefits of using hemp protein. Hemp seed is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and amazingly high in all essential amino acids. This means it is a complete protein, and amazing for your health. One of the best ways to get all the benefits of using hemp protein is in smoothies! It’s a quick, easy way to get this incredible protein in your body, all in a delicious way. Why should you add hemp protein to your smoothies? Here are 9 reasons to start today, and I can promise you won’t regret it!

1. Complete Protein

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One of the main benefits of using hemp protein in your smoothies is due to hemp being a complete protein. This means your body can use it immediately and digest it easily, unlike incomplete sources of protein such as grains, beans, or legumes. There is 15 grams of easy-to-digest protein in 3 tablespoons of hemp protein. The seeds can also be used the same way.

2. Omega 3 Fats

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Omega 3 fats are another top benefit of using hemp protein in your smoothies. Omega 3 fats help reduce inflammation, reduce acne, increase digestive and heart health, promote a healthy mood, and help you lose weight.

3. Super Thick and Creamy

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I love how super thick and creamy hemp protein makes smoothies! This is largely due to their healthy fats and fiber content. It makes a mildly nutty, creamy smoothie with just 3 tablespoons, or one scoop, of hemp protein.

4. Stress-Reducing

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Hemp protein is rich in magnesium. Magnesium is a top mineral to consume if you suffer stress, and it’s important to consume to prevent dips in your insulin as well, especially after exercise. Since it is stress-reducing, consuming hemp protein in a smoothie is one of the quickest ways to get the benefits.

5. Anti-inflammatory

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Due to its unique nutritional profile, hemp is wonderful for reducing inflammation. The omega 3 fats help but the majority of the reason is that hemp is a plant protein, and all plant foods help reduce inflammation. Though fish can help reduce inflammation due to its omega 3s, it’s still a naturally acidic food, and I can guarantee you it won’t taste as good in a smoothie as hemp!

6. Metabolism Booster

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Did I mention how awesome hemp protein is for your metabolism? Your body uses it like pure fuel to prime lean muscle formation, very quickly and efficiently. Since it’s anti-inflammatory, it increases metabolic burn even further, and is high in all essential amino acids that your metabolism needs for this reason as well.

7. High Fiber

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Got GI issues? Consume some hemp protein and you won’t have much longer! Hemp protein is rich in fiber, and I mean, very rich! It’s rich in soluble fiber as well as insoluble fiber, and has perfect balance between the two. This makes it increase your satiety, reduce your appetite, reduce your cholesterol, aid your metabolism, reduce your blood sugar, and increase regularity while reducing diarrhea and bloating. Can you believe that? Hemp truly is the easiest to digest protein and the easiest to digest fiber of any plant based protein out there - trust me!

8. Alkaline

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Have you ever seen hemp protein? It has a muddy green hue to it, which some people find gross, but there’s a good reason it’s green. After all, if it’s green you know it’s good for you, and don’t worry, it actually tastes good and somewhat nutty. Hemp is alkaline and rich in chlorophyll like most all green plants. This helps increase detoxification by cleansing the blood, gastrointestinal tract, the liver, kidneys, and your entire body.

9. Vegan

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Lastly, the best reason to consume hemp protein, is because it’s vegan! This means no animals were harmed in the production of it, nor was it environmentally more taxing, which all animal production sources of protein like whey, are for the most part. Plus, because it’s plant-based, it’s also better for your body. Whether you’re vegan or not, eating more plant-based proteins is always a great way to reduce your caloric intake from animal foods, and improve your heart and digestive health.

Would you ever try hemp protein in smoothies?

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