7 Best Apps for Working out ...

I am such a fan of workout apps, and I've narrowed all my favorites down to the top 7 best apps for working out for you all. We all know it's great to listen to your favorite tunes while you're huffing and puffing away during a workout, but your phone can do more for you than provide you with a great playlist. Here is my personal list of the best apps for working out. Be sure you share yours with me too!

1. GymPact

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This app actually PAYS you to workout, definitely making it one of the best apps for working out of all apps. Yes, you heard me right. You actually get paid to exercise now. In GymPact, you pledge to workout a certain amount of your choosing each day and pledge to pay other users a certain amount if you don't workout. When you log in to confirm your workouts, you actually get paid when other people fail to do so based on what they wagered to pay if they missed their workout. This app is so much fun, almost like a game and a job at the same time! Best of all the app is free!

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