7 Best Cellulite Butt Workout Moves ...


7 Best Cellulite Butt Workout Moves ...
7 Best Cellulite Butt Workout Moves ...

You'd love to put on that bikini but you hate the idea of exposing your cellulite to the world. What can you do? Follow Stefanie's list of helpful workout moves and you'll be surprised. Thanks Stefanie!

If you’re looking for a workout that will help you smooth out the lumps and bumps on your legs and butt, you’ve come to the right place. Even though I worked out all the time and thought I was eating all the right foods, I was plagued with cellulite. Once I figured out what worked on what to stop wasting my time on, the results happened fast. These are the best 7 cellulite exercise moves I have found to get fast results.

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Kick Backs

Kick Backs Get down on the floor on your hands and knees, positioning yourself such that your hands are shoulder width apart and your knees rest on the floor just below your hips. Shift your weight to your right hand and knee. While keeping your left leg bent, lift your left leg, kicking back and then extending up towards the ceiling. Bring your knee back in and towards your chest before swinging back into the next kick back.

Perform kickbacks for 30 reps or until you feel the burn in your butt. Switch sides and work your right gluteus muscles for 30 reps or until you feel the burn.



Squats The almighty squat is one of the most reliable ways to work your butt muscles. The squat is so powerful because it uses your own full body weight to work your butt muscles.

Stand up, feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and squat until you are squatting as if sitting in an invisible chair. Then stand up straight again, squeezing your butt muscles as reach the top end of the squat return. Repeat for a count of 30, moving slowly and deliberately and squeezing at the end of each rep. After 30 squats, move your feet together and repeat the same exercise, only with your feet together. After 30 reps of this, move your legs apart so they are spread about a foot wider than your natural stance, and repeat the exercise for 30 more reps. Feel the burn!


Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats This variation of the squat uses a dumbbell weight for extra impact. Simply hold a dumbbell in both hands in front of your chest and perform the moves as described in the previous squat exercise.

Don’t be afraid to start doing weighted squats as soon as you can perform them with good form. This one move will give you the best results.



Lunges With a basic lunge you will start with a neutral standing position. Step one leg forward about 3 feet and slowly lower your body until your front thigh is parallel with the floor. Try to keep your forward knee directly above your ankle to avoid knee strain.

Slowly come back to a standing position and repeat with the same or opposite leg. Try 20-30 with each leg. For extra muscle burning, add some impulses at the lowest part of the lunge. Just stay in that position and perform a few slow 6-inch lifts. You should feel the burn in your gluteals and thigh.

Once you are comfortable with the lunge, pick up a weight in each hand and really work your butt and leg muscles.


Hill Repeats

Hill Repeats This exercise comes under the category of high intensity interval training or HIIT. It is one of my favorite workouts and will give you nicely toned calves, thighs and a tighter derriere.

You can do this HIIT workout on a hill outdoors or on a treadmill. Once you are warmed up (5 minutes of brisk walking should do it) run one hill or treadmill incline for 30-60 seconds. Then slow down the treadmill (or walk back down the hill) to recover.

Repeat running hills or inclines for 6-12 repetitions and work to increase your speed each time. I will usually get through 12 hill repeats within 30 minutes finishing with a fast pace at an 8-10% grade.


Planks with Leg Raise

Planks with Leg Raise This is a great multi-muscle move. To perform, get into a front plank position supporting yourself prone with your elbows on the floor directly under your shoulders and up on your toes. Tighten your core and be sure not to let your lower back sag.

Hold the front plank and alternate lifting one leg 6-12 inches up while keeping your leg straight. Hold for 10-20 seconds then switch legs. Alternate legs for as long as you can hold the plank.

This one move will really work your shoulders, abs, lower back and buttocks.


Butt Lifts

Butt Lifts It’s a good idea to leave this exercise for last because it actually will stretch your muscles as well as work them.

Lie on your back and prop your feet up on a chair or couch. Scoot your butt close to the chair legs or couch so your knees are above your head. Keeping your shoulders on the floor and your feet on the chair or couch, lift your buttocks and squeeze as tightly as you can. Lift and squeeze, and then release, in repetition.

A good variation is to perform this move with your feet at various distances apart to work your butt and thigh muscles differently.

If you perform this butt workout every other day, you will quickly feel and see the difference in your muscle tone and the appearance of lumpy cellulite. Combining this type of targeted workout with clean eating that focuses on eating lean protein, plenty of veggies, drinking lots of water and eliminating sugar and processed foods, will have you ready to show off your firm, smooth legs and butt.

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Is there a squat challenge

Squats :)

these r really great!!!

Is this how you get your butt bigger?

I really hope this works! I've been trying to get away with my cellulite on my thighs and butt for sooo long and I didn't see any changes! I hope this will help me

' you couldnt have said it any better, these are great ideas .

These workouts work amazingly! I've started doing most of these workouts for three months now and i'm surprised by the result!

I have so much cellulite and mines genetic but anyway, I would love to try these but can't my knees are always creaky and my lower back always hurts :(( anything else I could do?

Butt lifts are the best! They work your back muscles too! Actually all of these are some of my favorites. I do 15-20 reps of each and do 2-3 sets depending on how much time I have to work out.

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