7 Best Sports Bra Alternatives ...


7 Best Sports Bra Alternatives ...
7 Best Sports Bra Alternatives ...

When it comes to sports bra alternatives, most ladies are at a loss of where to look or who to ask for the right tips and tactics on how to be most comfortable during their workouts. But fear not! The secrets have finally be uncovered of how to reduce... dare I say it... jiggle and bounce, when you are trying your best to do the same on the rest of your body! Sports bra alternatives can be tricky when you don’t know what you’re looking for, but sometimes it is crucial to also realize that what you’re not looking for in a sports bra is just as important. Here are the 7 best sports bra alternatives...

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The Built in Tank-top

Some people think it’s pointless to shop for workout clothes since they think they can just use an old pair of sweats and a t-shirt and be just as comfortable. And a lot of the time this works out just fine, if you’re a guy or if you have smaller breasts. But for the majority of the female world this just will not cut it. So I would like to introduce the sports bra/tank top. These can be found in the work out apparel section of most department stores and they are unique in that they have a sports bra built into a work out tank-top. So it’s a great sports bra alternative because it’s a bra and a tank top built into one amazing piece of clothing. Sometimes these can get pricey but they are certainly worth it because technically this piece of clothing makes up the majority of your workout outfit. I should warn you that fitting is essential; it’s just as bad if not worse than wearing a bra that doesn’t fit when you buy a sports bra work out tank that doesn’t fit. I recommend buying a size or cup size smaller than what you normally are to ensure that it will fit snugly and you’re have a comfortable workout without having to worry about as mentioned earlier... jiggle and bounce... ahh!


The built-in tank-top with a sports bra is a game-changer for active women. Functionality meets fashion, and it's a perfect choice for those who value convenience and style. No need to layer multiple pieces – this all-in-one solution offers the same support as a classic sports bra but blends seamlessly with your wardrobe. While they can be an investment, they save time, reduce laundry, and streamline your gym bag essentials. Remember, a snug fit is key to prevent unwanted movement, so always opt for the best fit over style. These tanks aren't just a compromise; they're a smart strategy for a focused and fuss-free workout.


The Cotton Underwire

Most women would never venture in this direction but there are several solid reasons why the cotton underwire bra is valid sports bra alternative. Most of the time sports bras are made of acrylic, polyester, spandex or a combination of all these three and then some. A breathable, free, clean, cotton underwire bra is great for ladies not doing that intense of a work out but still want the comfort of knowing their bodies are taken care of and nothing is bouncing all over the place. Again make sure when looking for a sports bra alternative you buy what makes you feel most comfortable; a cotton bra is great for ladies who are allergic to most fabrics or who just have sensitive skin and want a familiar find when working out.


The Spandex Tank Top

If you are a lady with a smaller frame, a half cotton half spandex might be the best sports bra alternative for you. A normal sports bra might be way too constraining and you will find yourself picking at it and adjusting it throughout your entire work out. So to do away with this nonsense, and consider investing in a skin tight tank top that absorbs sweat easily, lets your breathe, and holds down your breasts so that you feel great working out. A spandex tank top is different than a sports bra or a sports bra tank top in that it isn’t really a bra at all, just some amazing fabric that allows you to completely avoid wearing a sports bra altogether, making it an uncommon but very useful sports bra alternative.


Opting for a spandex tank top is a game-changer—you'll wonder why you hadn't made the switch sooner. The blend of materials offers a snug fit that's both supportive and unrestricted. Plus, no more chafing spots where traditional sports bras rub you wrong! And let's talk style—you'll rock your workouts with a sleek silhouette that transitions seamlessly from gym to brunch. Whether you're doing yoga, hitting the weights, or just running errands, a spandex tank ensures you're tucked in all the right places without the squeeze.


The Crop Top

As the time and fashions cycle and change some people often find themselves looking to the past for the answers to their daily predicaments. When it comes to sports bra alternatives, there is a lot that can be learned from the generations that came before us in the 70s and 80s. Work out apparel of those years included fiery, spunky, colors and ladies with low cut top, shorts and these intricately patterned crop tops. On those late night re-runs of The Cosby Show the actors can be seen sporting these on a regular basis. So what makes that 80s patterned cut off sweatshirt a great sports bra alternative, is that you can wear essentially whatever you want underneath it. If you are comfortable wearing padded bras 24/7 or no bra at all, a strategically designed and placed sweatshirt crop top is just what you need for your work out to feel most free and comfortable. This makes the crop top an unusual, but just as useful sports bra alternative.


The Double-up Sports Bra

As ladies know, breasts come in all shapes and sizes, so for those ladies born with a full figure, opting to wear more than one sports bra is a great sports bra alternative to your regular workout attire. Wearing two or even three tightly fitting sports bras at the same time, will without a doubt ensure that your feel safe, secure and comfortable during your workout. At first it may feel strange wearing a double layer, but it is the best way to make sure nothing that you don’t want to slips out or bounces while you’re on the treadmill. In this case, going with the tradition spandex underneath and a cotton base sports bra on top is a great combination for a sports bra alternative.


The Polyester Underwire

Everyone has their own preference of fabrics and styles and everyone’s skin is different so while most ladies like cotton there are some who prefer the soft synthetic texture of polyester. This also a great sports bra alternative for ladies with a fuller figure who are not necessarily going to do a full workout. Polyester underwire bras can be found almost anywhere and I must emphasize again that fitting is essential when buying a bra, especially an underwire one that you plan to work out in. Regardless of size, polyester will keep everything under wraps and intact while you work out, making it a very practical sports bra alternative.


The Cotton Push-up

People go to the gym for all kinds of reasons, the number one being to lose weight and stay fit. However, during my adolescence I realized very quickly that women are complicated and fascinating creatures; therefore there are many ladies who go to the gym to try to land a date for the night or several dates for the week in fact. So for those ladies interested in snagging a buff gym guy, a cotton push-up bra is my number one recommendation. This is a sports bra alternative because workout bras are usually made to keep your breasts tied down during a workout like I mentioned earlier, but a cotton push up will keep your girls about face and in the action as you run on the treadmill or prepare to ask a male gym goer for help with the weights. Cotton is definitely recommended with this sports bra alternative to avoid the most chaffing and at least keep your feeling light and airy as you’re on the lookout for a few muscle men.

At the end of the day, only you know your body best. Although these are great sports bra alternatives, it may take trying a few different suggestions before finding what’s most comfortable for your body. Because unlike when you’re out and about, where comfort doesn’t matter as much, working out in comfortable apparel may determine how intense and long your workout is and sometimes how frequently you do so. So make sure to find what’s right for you when it comes to these great sports bra alternatives and feel free to let me know what works! Have you tried any of these suggestions before and had positive results?

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