Can a Busy Student Routine Be Healthy One ?


Can a Busy  Student Routine Be Healthy One ?
Can a Busy  Student Routine Be Healthy One ?

Inactivity is fat’s best friend. A heavy schedule and a busy life are great if you do not want to end up fatter and dumber. Keeping yourself active is all part of a healthy and well-lived life. It stops being such, when student takes on too much or becomes unorganized. A quality car has a lot of working parts, and when they work together, the car can get up to great speeds. When a piece becomes worn then it slows the car until the car breaks down. As a student, you have picked the wrong time to burn out. Save that sort of thing when you are in your mid-forties and can afford the therapy to fix it. Here’s how to be busy AND healthy.

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When a Student’s Life Becomes Unorganized

Just like the expensive car, your life needs to be organized in order to function correctly. Sometimes you become bogged down with the little things, because most humans are not able to break tasks into sections. Start by writing down all the things that you need to do, and create a list of things that you absolutely have to do every day. Include things like sleeping, eating, washing, cleaning etc.

Budget your tasks over days. Instead of knowing you have to do 20 things, you are able to shelve some for another day. Better still, if you budget and plan your time then you can break tasks apart. Do you really need to decorate your entire room in one day? Why not do the ceiling one day, and do the rest on another.


When a Student Forgets How to Be Efficient

Tasks start to take longer than they should because you allow yourself to be distracted. You need to force yourself to start a task and keep doing it until it is done. This is going to mean no music, no phone, no Facebook alerts, and definitely no TV. Do not keep lying to yourself by telling yourself that you can work with these things in the background, because the truth is that you are burning through your productive time.


When a Student Takes on Too Much

Sometimes a student will simply agree to do too much, and the pressure of their own high standards becomes more than they can handle. There are other times when a student will overestimate how much they can take on. They may have bad time management skills and not realize that they are in fact bogging themselves down with too many tasks and too much work. They will often experience burnout if they do not recognize that they have actually bitten off more than they can chew.


When a Student Starts to Live for Other People

This may not be as insidious as getting caught up in the drama created by someone else. It may simply be that the student feels that it is his or her duty to make another person’s life better, even if this means their own quality of life must suffer. The only way to break this habit is to recognize when you are being manipulated. It may not be that you are being manipulated by the person in question; it may be that your other family members are forcing the responsibility onto you by ignoring the situation themselves. The only way to fight this is to recognize that your needs are as important as anyone else’s. In fact, your needs are more important, because you do not get very long on this planet, and the life you lead is all you have.


When a Student Does Not Know Their Own Body

People often assume that they have much higher tolerances than they actually do. People think they can drink more than they are able, or that they can stay up for days with no ill effects. People think that because caffeine has helped them cope over the last three months that they will be able to keep withdrawing from the bank of good health without consequence. These are the people who really destroy themselves, and the ones who manage to suffer it through college will end up in their late forties with high blood pressure, bad skin, and diabetes. Busy should not mean sacrifice--it should mean progress.

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