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Can Eating Yogurt save Your Life?

By Eliza

Well, it certainly can’t hurt. You might not be able to rely on your trusty lunchtime container of yogurt to make you live forever, but it does have some health benefits that can make your life healthier and maybe even a little bit longer. The trick here is to choose yogurt that is low in sugar and that doesn’t contain a ton of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Once you have the right yogurt on your refrigerator shelves, you can sit back and enjoy all the perks it offers.

1 Yogurt is Loaded with Calcium

Calcium is a nutrient that you need to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. While a broken bone might not kill you, it can keep you from exercising. A lack of physical activity can lead to poor health and death. Plus, having a broken bone seriously interferes with your life, upping stress, another contributor to early death.

2 Eat It for the Probiotics

Yogurt is a great source of healthy bacteria that live in your gut and ward off the bad stuff, helping promote healthy digestion and preventing diseases at the same time. Poor digestive health can make you miserable, which may not be deadly, but it’s not good. When you buy yogurt, make sure you choose one that contains live and active cultures.

3 Lower Your Cholesterol with Yogurt

In several research studies, scientists have found that women who eat yogurt on a regular basis were able to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol at the same time. That’s good news because higher HDL cholesterol can help protect your heart. Since heart disease is the number one killer of women, you probably want to take this to heart (pun intended).

4 Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer might not be on the top of your worries, but women can get the disease. Turns out eating yogurt can really help. Experts discovered that people who ate yogurt on a regular basis experienced a higher rate of cell death. That’s good for killing off abnormal cells that can develop into cancer.

5 Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Keeping your blood pressure in check is important for warding off heart disease. People who eat plenty of yogurt were found to have a reduced blood pressure, which makes it a healthy choice for you any day of the week.

6 Make Sure the Number on the Scale Stays down

Obesity is a major concern in many parts of the world and it can kill. To keep your weight healthy, it’s important to choose low-calorie foods. Yogurt is a good choice. In addition to being moderate in calorie content, studies also show that it satisfies hunger and keeps you feeling full longer. That means no more snacking between meals, which will prevent weight gain.

7 It Tastes so Good!

Even if a food is guaranteed to prevent death, you’ll probably have a hard time eating it when it tastes bad. Yogurt offers all of these health perks, but it also tastes really good. You won’t have any trouble getting your daily quota. Try it with fresh fruit and granola, or add a scoop to your favorite smoothie.

What’s your favorite way to eat yogurt? Are you surprised that it can save your life? Try Greek yogurt – it’s higher in protein than other kinds.

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