9 Chic Water Bottles You'll Be Proud to Carry ...

Water bottles are a big part of my life. Call me crazy, but I cannot leave my house without having a water bottle in my bag. Keeping a water bottle close by helps remind me to drink water throughout the day and it also helps me save money since I don’t have to go and purchase a drink. If you need help keeping up with your water intake or you just want to take a gander at some cute water bottles for a future gift to yourself, keep scrolling to see my picks!

1. Bkr Water Bottle

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You’ve probably seen these super cute water bottles on Instagram or one of your favorite blogs. BKR makes reusable glass water bottles encased in soft silicone that come in a rainbow of colors. I’m a big fan of glass water bottles since it won’t leach out any icky chemicals and it won’t alter the flavor of your water in any way. Besides, BKR bottles come in so many colors, they’re almost like a fashion accessory! mybkr.com

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