7 Clear Signs of Emotional Abuse ...


7 Clear Signs of Emotional Abuse ...
7 Clear Signs of Emotional Abuse ...

As women we need to be aware of the signs of emotional abuse. These signs will not only help you monitor your own relationships but will also help you identify with and aid a friend who may feel stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship. Emotional abuse often times goes unnoticed because, on the outside, the couple seems happy. However, the truth can be very startling. Please read these 7 clear signs of emotional abuse and share them with your friends.

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Feeling Helpless

Most abusers make their victims feel helpless. They trick them into thinking they are not capable of doing anything on their own or that no one else cares enough to help them. If your significant other is making you feel helpless in your situation, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship. Remember, people who love you should support and lift you up.


Afraid of Confrontation

Does the person you love make you feel scared to confront them with problems? Feeling afraid of confrontation is a sign of emotional abuse. If you are constantly walking around on eggshells making sure everything is perfect in fear of setting off your mate, then something is seriously wrong. You need to get out of that relationship as soon as possible.


Feel Worthless

Abusers also like to make their victims feel worthless. An abuser will tell their victims that no one else cares and no one else loves them the way they do. It’s all a big mind game. If an abuser can make you feel as though you are worthless without them, then they have succeeded at breaking your spirit and having complete control.


Losing Contact with Friends

One way emotional abusers work is by breaking the bonds that their victims have with their friends. If you have noticed that you are losing contact with your friends, then that’s a sign of emotional abuse. An abuser sees friends as meddlers. He may try to tell you that your friends are just jealous of your relationship and that they are trying to break you up. He may make you feel guilty for spending time with your friends to get you to stop hanging out with them so much.


Being Put down

An obvious sign of emotional abuse is verbal abuse. An abuser may use harsh words to hurt your feelings and to lash out at you. These types of people have very low self-esteem and making others feel bad makes them feel a little better. Don’t ever put up with name calling in any relationship.


Am I Crazy?

You may start to wonder, “Am I the crazy one?” If you have to ask yourself that question,things aren’t good. If you doubt your sanity because of a relationship then it’s time to get out. The person you love should not make you feel crazy.



Cutting you off from your friends is only one step of isolation. Emotional abusers will further isolate their victims by taking away their cell phones and computers, discouraging them from working or going to school, and taking away transportation. If your spouse is your only connection to the outside world, you are probably way deep into an emotionally abusive relationship.

Emotional abuse is way more common than most of us realize. I hope these 7 signs of emotional abuse will help you open your eyes to these signs in your relationships and seek help. Do you have a personal experience with emotional abuse you would like to share? Your story may help one of our readers in a similar situation.

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He destroyed my vision of marriage..

In one right now how do I leave its to hard and the worst part is that I lost my virginity to him

It's been horrible . He knocked me down shredded my ACL damaged a great deal of my things throughout marriage etc. guess the shock is starting to sink in

So true! Sad fact that there are way too many relationships like this out there. Get out now!

Feeling depressed. My estranged kicked our son and I out of the marital home because I wouldn't sign off on the finances, give up dowry rights etcfound out he has a girlfriend (younger) that's he's moved into our home. I wasn't allowed to take anything incl my personal belongings . I feel sick

sooo true.this guy i lov has broken my soul.The confident girl i used to b has nw bcm a feeble minded girl.So wish one day he realises the damage he has done to my very bein

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