9 Common Causes of Stress That Are Easily Avoided ...

If you’re anxious, angsty, tense or feeling low, it could be that you are ignoring or not recognizing some common causes of stress. The thing about these common stressors is that they are just that – common! They are everyday things we deal with and face and we think we should just take them in our stride when really, we should take a step back, realize the impact they are having on our well-being and do something about them. Some of these common causes of stress might be at the root of your “problems.”

1. Hunger Strikes

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Hunger is one of the most common causes of stress. I'm sure you'd agree that it’s easy to get a bit stressed out and snappy when you need a food fix. You can avoid this one easily by never leaving the house without a snack. I’ve always got a piece of fruit, a cereal bar or a cheeky chocolate bar (for special pick-me-ups) in my bag, just in case of a hunger attack.

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