7 Common Causes of Vaginal Dryness for Girls Having Issues down under ...


A dry vagina is no fun. The urge to itch intrudes on your day and it can make sex super painful and uncomfortable. The answer to curing it lies in the cause so it’s important to examine the potential issues so you can deal. Here are the most common causes of vaginal dryness:

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Do You Take Medication for Allergies?

It’s a little-known fact, but some degrees of vaginal dryness can actually be linked back to the antihistamines that people take when they suffer from different allergies. We all know that antihistamines work by drying out your sinuses, so when you think about it it’s not a hard leap to connect the drying of other mucous membranes to the medication too! If you think this could be a factor, you might want to consult your doctor for a new prescription.


Do You Take Birth Control?

Ultimate irony, right? Something you take to enjoy sex without worry is preventing that very thing from happening! Contraception allows you to be in complete control of your body, but a change in your natural hormone levels can sometimes be the cause of unusual and uncomfortable vaginal dryness. A Trip to the OBGYN can explore this.


Do You Use Scented Cleaning Products?

The vagina really is a remarkable thing. It can make you orgasm, allows you to give birth naturally, and all while being able to clean itself! Since it is a self-cleaning machine, there is no need to buy in to the hype of these feminine hygiene products that offer scented sprays and such. In reality, they will probably contain alcohol which is notorious for drying out your skin. You don’t want to be applying it directly to your hoo-ha!


What is Your Diet like?

You can adjust your diet to increase your estrogen intake in an attempt to try to solve the problem of your vaginal dryness. Eating foods like soy and tofu are perfect because they are packed full of phyto-estrogen. If you are a meat eater you may not be familiar with tofu, but you can add it to your routine with little fuss and it is so versatile to cook with!


Be Careful with Cleaning Products

We have already discussed how your vagina is an amazing self-cleaning machine, and because of this there really is no reason for you to be intensively washing your sensitive areas with things like shower gel and soap. The chemicals in these products can have a very drying effect on your private parts. All you need for your vagina is some warm water.


Are You Feeling Particularly Stressed?

Have you been feeling more nervous, stressed or anxious than normal recently? If you are going through a tough time at work or at home it could be having an effect on your vagina, as anxiety actually reduces the flow of blood in your body and therefore has the potential to make your nether regions drier than you would like.


Are You Going Too Quickly in Bed?

You should treat your vagina like a vintage car that needs to be shown the respect it deserves and be well oiled before the main event! If you and your partner are guilty of getting down to penetrative business too quickly then it could be taking its toll on your private parts! Take your time, get involved in more foreplay so that you get as wet as possible before taking the plunge!

Be sure to look after your lady garden. It needs TLC and hates being dry.

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