8 Common Food Allergens You Can't Ignore ...

Food allergies are nothing to mess around with so understanding common food allergens help you watch for symptoms in yourself or someone you love. In some cases, people are born with food allergies and in others they develop later in life. Even if you haven’t been allergic before, there is still a small chance that an allergy can crop up. The following eight items are the most common food allergens to be aware of and one of them is the culprit in 90 percent of cases.

1. Peanuts

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Peanuts get a lot of attention in the food allergy community. One of the most common food allergens, peanuts are present in many items you wouldn’t think about. Of course, peanut butter is on the list, but many Oriental foods, baked goods and candy contain peanuts as well. In addition to avoiding peanuts themselves, a peanut allergy also means you can’t have anything made with peanut oil. Some restaurants use peanut oil (also known as groundnut oil) so eating out requires caution.

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