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Women don't talk about their vaginas all that often, even though they're an important part of our bodies. We complain about all the pain it gives us each and every month, but other than that, we tend to keep them out of conversations. However, that's an unhealthy thing to do. You should love your vagina, and you certainly shouldn't be afraid to talk about it. Here are a few quotes that will make you appreciate your vagina in a way that you never have before:

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Vaginas Are Tough

Vaginas Are Tough Betty White is the smartest woman out there. She tells it like it is, which is why this quote is so funny. Even though men think that they're the tough ones, we're the real heroes. After all, we're the ones who deal with blood every single month and don't even flinch when we see it. That's pretty impressive.


Vaginas Are Powerful

Vaginas Are Powerful Some foolish men will do anything in order to get with a woman. That's why it's silly to think that they're the ones who really rule the world. Sure, a lot of them are in positions of power now, but that's slowly changing.


Vaginas Don't Define You

Vaginas Don't Define You You don't have to have a vagina in order to consider yourself a woman, just like you could have a vagina and consider yourself a man. Our genitalia isn't what defines us. If anyone tells you otherwise, then you have permission to ignore them until they come to their senses.


Vaginas Take Care of Themselves

Vaginas Take Care of Themselves George Carlin may be a man, but he knows how amazing vaginas are. Even though they bleed once a month, they're still capable of taking good care of themselves. If you start looking at your body from George's point of view, you'll appreciate what your vagina does a whole lot more.


Vaginas Shouldn't Be a Mystery

Vaginas Shouldn't Be a Mystery It's time to stop treating our vaginas like they're some big secret. It's okay to talk about them in public. It's okay to ask questions about them. It's okay to feel comfortable in your own body.


Education is power, especially when it comes to our bodies. By learning more about vaginal health, we can recognize what's normal and what's not. This isn't about oversharing, but about being informed and empowered. Don’t let embarrassment hinder your well-being; whether it’s understanding your menstrual cycle, recognizing the signs of an infection, or just knowing how your body works, knowledge leads to confidence. Embrace the conversation – your vagina is an integral part of you, and caring for it should never be shrouded in shame.


Vaginas Won't Determine Your Career

Vaginas Won't Determine Your Career While you should be proud to have a vagina, you shouldn't let it define you. It doesn't matter what gender you were born as, because you're allowed to become anything you'd like. Your genitalia won't stop you from being successful, unless you let it.


Vaginas Aren't All Bad

Vaginas Aren't All Bad It's normal to complain about your period, because it comes with way too many downsides. However, if you forget about all the cramps it gives you, underwear it ruins, and headaches it grants you, there's a plus side to it. Most men are so freaked out by periods that you can mention it in conversation and watch them squirm. Sometimes, they'll even let you use it as a free pass to be a little nastier than usual.

You shouldn't be nervous to ask your doctor, parents, or friends any questions you have about your vagina. It's not a nasty word that you should avoid using. It's something that around half of the people in the world have, so you should feel comfortable throwing the term around. Do you know any fun facts about vaginas you'd like to share with the rest of us ladies?

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