7 Crystal Gems and Minerals for Health and Wealth ...


7 Crystal Gems and Minerals for Health and Wealth ...
7 Crystal Gems and Minerals for Health and Wealth ...

I hope the following crystal gems and minerals for health and wealth will inspire you and show you that they can work to heal certain elements of your life. Their healing properties, colors, shapes, lines and energy can remind us who we are in relation to the rest of nature and the Universe. I recommend purifying the gems prior to use. Either run them under cold water for 2 minutes and let them dry in the sun or better yet, leave them in the rain for a day and dry them in the sun. After purifying, they’re ready for use. Tip: they work best when only you touch them to avoid mixing energies. Below are some of my favorite gems and minerals for health and wealth.

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Agate Agate is one of the best gems and minerals for health and wealth – it comes in a variety of colors and has many uses. Agate has been used by jewelers since Babylonian times to ward off “storms” and is also known as the “Fire Stone.” Agate brings a sense of courage and fortitude; in essence, giving you the strength to carry on during whatever “storm” you might be going through. It is a powerful healing stone that aids the colon, pancreas, circulatory system and lymphatic system.


Agate is an incredibly versatile crystal and can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a powerful protection stone, shielding its wearer from negative energy and helping to keep them safe and secure. Agate is also known to bring courage and strength to those who wear it, helping them to overcome any difficulties or obstacles they may face. In terms of health, Agate is known to aid the digestive system, helping to reduce any problems with the colon, pancreas, or lymphatic system. It is also believed to help improve circulation and balance hormones.

Agate is also known to bring wealth and prosperity to those who wear it. It is believed to bring abundance and good luck, helping to attract more wealth and success into one’s life. Agate is also said to help one make wise decisions when it comes to finances, investments, and other important matters.

Agate is a powerful crystal that is easy to find and relatively inexpensive to purchase. It is available in a variety of colors, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Agate has been used for centuries and is still popular today, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their health and wealth.



Citrine Citrine (of the quartz family) has been known to help acquire wealth and maintain it. Place one in your wallet or businesses cashbox to attract more wealth and avoid excessive outflows. Natural citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy. Instead, it can transform negative thoughts and feelings into more positive ones, introducing you to yourself while bringing hope, warmth and comfort. It is also a great stone for the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs and the heart. Citrine is one of two crystals that does not need to be purified; the other is Kyanite (see number 5 below).



Diamond A diamond is a master healer. It is also a “Girl’s Best Friend”! Diamonds traditionally have been known to dispel negativity and reflect the desires of our highest consciousness. They amplify the full spectrum of energies in the mind, body and spirit and can absorb thoughts and energies and radiate them outwards. So, remember to stay positive when holding or wearing diamonds. Diamonds have also been known to enhance brain functions and remove blockages from our personalities.



Gold Gold is such a regal mineral and its preciousness is associated with wealth, yet it is also symbolic for good health. It strengthens the nervous system, purifies the physical body and attracts positive energies. A powerful mind balancer, gold allows you to accept love, open your mind and aid personal illumination. Wear gold if you want increased personal power, courage and willpower and try wearing a gold chain necklace to preserve your health.



Kyanite This stone is commonly known as the “Faithful One”. It affects the throat, communications and can be particularly useful if you sing, teach or make presentations. Kyanite can be useful in energy work, as it transmits high-frequency energy that can help open the chakras, align the aura and balance yin/yang energies. It is called ‘faithful’ because of its encouragement for truth, loyalty, reliability and pragmatism.

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Moonstone Called the “Mother Earth” stone, this gemstone is particularly feminine and helps us ladies by bringing ease to our painful periods and other kindred disorders. It’s considered a fertile stone as it emphasizes child bearing and motherhood. Moonstone is good for balancing the emotions and inspiring more wisdom and flexibility within.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz I love this stone because it’s pink! Known as the “Love Stone,” it can help you let go of stored anger, resentment, fear and jealousy. It aids you in the sense it can stroke your heart to forgive and allow more love into your life, while at the same time connecting you with your Higher Self. Health-wise, it works with the spleen, kidneys and the circulatory system. Learn to love yourself with this beautiful stone!

Definitely try experimenting with crystals and minerals and follow your own guidance and intuition when it comes to using and wearing them. What are some of your favorite crystals and minerals and which ones have worked for you?

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where is a good place to purchase these stones?

Agate ❤️

I use tigers eye for prosperity and howlite for cleansing before meditation to reach my higher self. smoky quartz moss agate and rose quartz are wonderful as well! I love my collection and each have a purpose. and have made a big difference in my life! just be sure to cleanse your crystals first to rid any energies in them that aren't meant to serve you , there are many ways to do this!


You can generally buy crystals in New Age Stores or online. Search for crystals on Google and a few places pop up. It depends on where you live but I've bought mine from general gift shops that sell incense, candles, that type of thing. Best of luck in your search.

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