7 Crystal Gems and Minerals for Health and Wealth ...

I hope the following crystal gems and minerals for health and wealth will inspire you and show you that they can work to heal certain elements of your life. Their healing properties, colors, shapes, lines and energy can remind us who we are in relation to the rest of nature and the Universe. I recommend purifying the gems prior to use. Either run them under cold water for 2 minutes and let them dry in the sun or better yet, leave them in the rain for a day and dry them in the sun. After purifying, they’re ready for use. Tip: they work best when only you touch them to avoid mixing energies. Below are some of my favorite gems and minerals for health and wealth.

1. Agate

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Agate is one of the best gems and minerals for health and wealth – it comes in a variety of colors and has many uses. Agate has been used by jewelers since Babylonian times to ward off β€œstorms” and is also known as the β€œFire Stone.” Agate brings a sense of courage and fortitude; in essence, giving you the strength to carry on during whatever β€œstorm” you might be going through. It is a powerful healing stone that aids the colon, pancreas, circulatory system and lymphatic system.

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