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If you're ever placed in danger, knowing the body's pressure points could save your life. If you're grabbed, you might not be able to break free right away, but you should be able to jab your elbows, kick your legs, or move your head in order to hurt your attacker. Once you cause some damage, you'll be able to run away or call for help. That's why you should be aware of these pressure points that'll keep you safe:

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If you're not the strongest, hitting the temples (the sides of his forehead) are your best bet. It's the softest part of the head, which means you don't need to use too much force in order to cause damage. Using something as small as one knuckle could get the job done. Just don't do this unless you're in serious danger, because it could cause death.



If you can manage to get your hands around your attacker's neck, do so. This might be a bit difficult, because it requires a lot of effort. If you can't put his head in a chokehold, then you can karate chop the throat. The jaw is pretty sensitive as well, so if you can reach under it and press upward, make sure to do so.



If you've ever been hit in the ribs, you know how badly it hurts. Your ribs don't have all that much covering, which means that they're easy to injure. If your attacker's arms are extended, strike the ribs in order to break them. Of course, even if his arms are wrapped around you, it can't hurt to hit or kick his ribs in any way you can.



This is the obvious one. If a man grabs you, make sure to hit him where it hurts. Of course, even if a lady has a hold on you, you should kick her in the groin. Even though women have different parts down there, it still hurts to be kicked in that specific spot.



If you kick someone hard enough in the shin, they'll go down. That's why you should try to hurt that area of the leg. If you do, then it'll be harder for your attacker to keep his hold on you.



This is why you should always carry around some sort of pepper spray or perfume to spritz into your attacker's eyes. When he can't see, it'll be much easier for you to get away, because he'll have to rely on his other senses. Plus, have you ever gotten something like shampoo in your eye? The pain is pretty intense, so it'll distract him for a while.



It's no surprise that a blow to the head hurts, since it's where your brain is kept. What you might not have known is that smacking the flat of the forehead can cause some pretty bad damage. If you strike your attacker hard enough, it could even give him a concussion.

You never know when you'll be stuck in a dangerous situation with no one around to help you. That's why you need to figure out how to take care of yourself. Knowing how to fend off an attacker could save your life. What other self defense tips do you have that women everywhere should know?

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As someone who has taken many martial arts classes I have to actually warn against pepper spray. It is very hard to control and it takes too long to unlock and aim to be really useful. Also if there is ANY sort of a breeze or wind it WILL get into your eyes as well as the attackers, which will prevent you from getting away. Knees and elbows will do much more damage anyway. Don't punch with a closed fist because you WILL break your own fingers.

Funnel cakes

Always go for the eyes! An attacker will immediately put their hands up to their injured eyes, leaving you free to make your escape! Worthwhile info.

My dad always told me to do exactly what Beryl Stokes said.

Take martial arts as these will help you in the long run. When you know how to take your attacker to the ground & break their arm it will be much easier to break free.

i was attacked twice, and kneeing them in the balls always works, it's your best bet!!

An African president's bodyguard once told me to straighten my forefinger and the next finger into a rigid V ,then go for the eyes in a hard jab. Everyone wants to protect their eyes at all costs.

If you're gonna kick anyone in the groin, you should always knee them rather than kick them cause they could grab your leg😁

Hitting behind their knees

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