Delicious 😋 Cucumber 🥒 Lemon 🍋 Detox Water 💦 for a Slimmer ⚖️ You ...

Bored of drinking plain water, yet know it is the healthy thing to do? All you need is a cucumber, a lemon and some mint to make your water consumption yummy and not boring!

Watch this video to see how delicious a pitcher of water can be!

Published on Aug 22, 2015

Both cucumber and lemon aid in weight loss.

Cucumbers aid in:

1. Remedy of Diabetes

2. Remedy of Cholesterol

3. Remedy of Blood Pressure

4. Relief of Arthritis

5. Flushing out of Toxins

6. Helping Digestion

7. Staying Hydrated

8. Relief of Gout

9. Prevention of Cancer

Lemons aid in:

1. Prevention of Toxins

2. Cleaning of Kidneys

3. Radiant Skin

4. Reduction of Pain

All you need is:

1. A Cucumber

2. A Lemon

3. Mint Leaves

4. Water

Mix the pieces of cucumber and lemon in a big pitcher of water. Then, add a handful of mint. Place in fridge overnight. Voila! Super and easy detox water to drink to a healthier you! Tastes good, inexpensive ingredients.