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Out with the bad, in with the good! If you’re looking to detox your body, chances are, there’s a smoothie that can help. In fact, I’ve scoured the internet and exhausted my poor blender with every concoction you can imagine… and I’ve gathered the best of them here for you! Here are 7 detox smoothies to add to your diet, to keep you happy and healthy from tip to toe. Let’s go!

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Brain Boost!

It’s summer break now, but before you know it, school’s back in session, and with school comes studying. If you need a detox smoothie to help you focus and improve your memory, try this! Combine 1 cup of fresh blueberries, one small banana (sliced) and one teaspoon of flaxseed oil, and process in your blender til it’s smooth. Calculus? Bring it on!


Happy Tummy

If your digestion isn’t what it should be, try this detox smoothie to help things along. Blend together about 1 cup each of papaya and peach, then add about a half a pear and about a teaspoon of fresh ginger. You might need to add a little water to thin it, but I usually don’t have to. This smoothie has an almost tropical flavor to it… yum!


Smoother Skin

If you suffer from acne or other embarrassing skin inflammation (and who doesn’t on occasion), then this is the detox smoothie for you. How does it work? The berries are loaded with natural antioxidants, which encourage healthy skin regeneration. I use a handful of fresh blueberries, a handful of fresh strawberries, and a handful of fresh pitted cherries, all blended together with about ¼ of an avocado and 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseed, with a little water to thin the smoothie.


All-around Cleanse

I admit, I didn’t want to try this detox smoothie at first… it just didn’t sound very tasty… but it is! Blend together 1 head of coarsely chopped organic romaine lettuce and 1 ½ cups of water, then gradually add 3 stalks of organic celery, 2 chopped and cored organic apples, 1 small banana, ½ cup of fresh lemon juice, and about ½ a bunch of parsley. This one’s best served chilled… and it really does taste great!


Green Liver Detox

I won’t lie — this detox smoothie tastes bitter, but it works, cleansing your liver of nasty residual chemicals and contaminants. Blend together 1 red grapefruit (peeled and sectioned), 1 small banana, and 1 cup of organic green grapes. Once that’s almost smooth, add 4 cups of dandelion greens and blend until smooth. Taste it. If it’s too bitter for you to drink, try adding a few organic strawberries.


Reduce High Blood Pressure

Cleanse your system and reduce your blood pressure with this tasty little detox smoothie! The potassium in he bananas helps your body eliminate extra sodium, which helps lower your blood pressure… blend together two small bananas and two cups of orange juice with a little honey and a dash of vanilla. So sweet!


Liver Detox, Second Try

Okay, if the liver detox smoothie from item 5 was just too bitter for you, give this one a go! Blend together 1 cup of chopped organic zucchini, 1 cup of organic cabbage, 2 cups of organic diced celery, 1 cup of organic kale, 1 cup of ice and 3 carrots. It’s an odd color, but it tastes a lot better (less bitter) than the other liver detox smoothie!

Goodness, there are a lot of different detox smoothies, one for every day of the week (literally)! Which of these detox smoothies will you try first, and why? Are you brave enough to try the liver detox? Or do you have another detox smoothie recipe to share? Please do!

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Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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Oh awesome! I have band camp starting next week (yeah yeah "this one time at band camp" lol, that never happens.) and we have to get up at (or before) dawn to learn drills and I'm usually so tired that I can't remember them! The first smoothie sounds like a great morning pick me up and brain boost to help me remember our show! Oh AWS, you never fail me.

These seem really tasty. I'm like a smoothie maniac and I'll try anything :) and these are healthy for you too? *faints* lol. Thanks for the great recipes!

Awesome things to know :)

Good tips! :)

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