7 Developmental Psychologists and What They Have to Say ...

Developmental psychologists study how we grow throughout our life from early childhood to adolescence to adulthood. You can learn so much about we develop psychologically, emotionally, physically, and intellectually from their theories. Psychology fascinates me for many reasons but I think it’s important to learn about these developmental psychologists because what they studied affects us every day of our lives. Take a look at these specialists and what they have to say.

1. Noam Chomsky

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Developmental psychologist Noam Chomsky studied language and its development. He raises some interesting points when it comes to syntax, or the grammar we use in speech. He underlines that syntax isn’t genetic; it’s learned. You know this because kids are willing to say “I goed to the park” because they realize that the ending “ed” signifies the past and haven’t been taught to say “went” instead.

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