Ways to Reduce the Stress of College Assignments ...


Ways to Reduce the Stress of College Assignments ...
Ways to Reduce the Stress of College Assignments ...

Looming deadlines, an empty bank account, no food in the fridge, and a nightmare roommate. Sound familiar? Going away to college is great fun, but it can also be pretty stressful too. People tend to think that college life is all late nights, partying, and lie-ins. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a student means balancing assignments and lectures with a social life and sometimes even a part-time job. Often assignments and exams are due around the same time which can really put the pressure on. Here are some ideas of ways to reduce the stress of college assignments.

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Write a List

When you are feeling overwhelmed with assignments and panicking about due dates, write a plan. Draw up a list of all your assignments, write all of the details such as essay type, topic, and due date. From this list create your own timetable detailing when you are going to work on each one. Don’t worry about making it look pretty (that’s called procrastination!) just get the information on the page and stick to your plan.


Talk to Someone

If you are feeling stressed about a big assignment then ask for help from your tutor. If your tutor can’t fit you in then you can seek help from student websites and forums. Or you can try your classmates. Sometimes it helps just to talk through your thoughts; as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.


Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Many students feel even more stressed because they put pressures on themselves. If you make a mistake, or don’t get the grade you expected, don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from what you did wrong and improve on it next time.


Listen to Music

Music can affect your emotions. Listen to different genres of music and write down how they make you feel. If smooth jazz calms you down then stick it on your playlist. For me, I can’t listen to anything with too much of a beat because it’s distracting and makes me want to go out and dance, not sit down and write! Find your calming music and whenever you feel the stress coming, plug in your headphones and take a moment.



I know, when you are stressed out the last thing you will want to do is go for a jog. However, exercising can really reduce your stress levels. If you’re stressed, the chances are that you will sit and stare at a blank screen, so why not go for a little run. You might even have a brainwave for your assignment on the way.

College life really can be stressful. With pressures coming from deadlines it is key not to pile on your own personal pressures on top. Ask for help if you are struggling. Many colleges have a support team who can help you organise your workload and are there to listen if you need to offload.

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