Do Women 👩 Ever Talk 🗯about Premature Ejaculation 🙊?

Do women talk about premature ejaculation? I have always had a hunch that most women probably talk about these things. We always see things in motion pictures but never really thought about the scoop in today’s real life. So, I decided to talk to my partner and her friends about it. My question was simply do women talk about premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the one thing that movies portray accurately. The truth is, these movies also talk about it. Though my study involved only a few women from my circle, I believe most women kiss and tell just as we see in the movies.

If you suffer from frequent or occasional premature ejaculation, you may be thinking that this is awesome since your trusted girlfriend knows about this, however, her other friends knowing about it will make it much worse.

What Should You Do About It?

One thing we advocate is that you should not mess with premature ejaculation answers that will not help solve the problem once and for all. These include pills, potions, lotions, extra thick condoms and many more. Doing this ensures you will be dependent on these products for life.

The good news is that there is a way to end premature ejaculation for good and is all natural.

Premature ejaculation probably started way back, especially if you started masturbating at a young age. In an effort to literally get the job done so that you don’t get caught by your sister, or worse, your mum and dad, you quickly got the job done. This is the beginning of a long ordeal with premature ejaculation. The problem is that this habit has been etched deeply in our subconscious mind.

Most people find it hard to fix premature ejaculation on their own, making quick fixes the best option.

You are in luck since a few guys figured a way to eradicate this embarrassing problem. There are steps, rules, and guidelines you can easily download from the comfort of your home and re-program your sexual activity.

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