Do You Have Migraines? This Will Help ...

Migraines aren’t like your average tension headache. The pain is severe and often localized on one side of your head. The pain throbs and often results in nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or the presence of an aura. Traditional over the counter meds for pain are often ineffective for migraines and you’ll probably need something stronger. If you suffer from migraines, talk to your doctor about the following treatments.

1. Pop a Couple of Excedrin Migraine Pills

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As a person who suffers from migraines, I can attest to how well this medication works. You can get it over the counter, but it has a unique combination of ingredients that are powerful when it comes to migraine pain. You’ll get pain relievers combined with caffeine, which is a pretty potent blend. If you want something you can get easily, I would totally suggest giving this a try. Just be sure you follow the dosing directions carefully for the best results.

2. Talk to Your Doctor about Taking Triptans

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This type of med works by reducing the constriction of your blood vessels and blocking the pain in your head. Most are available by prescription only so you’ll have to see your physician before trying them out. Common ones include Imitrex, Relpax and Avert. These meds are usually taken in pill form, but some are also given via injection.

3. Try an IUD for Your Birth Control

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Many women experience migraines as a result of estrogen withdrawal, which occurs with your monthly cycle. Keep a journal of when your migraines hit and if they crop up near your period, you may have estrogen withdrawal migraines. This was the case for me so I switched from the pill to an IUD and haven’t had a migraine since. When you’re ready to have children, you can simply have the IUD removed. For me, pregnancy held off migraines too.

4. Consider Having a Bit of Botox Done

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Several research studies have shown that Botox is effective for lessening the occurrence of migraines and the pain that goes with them. The injection works by relaxing your muscles, which can cut down on migraines. The treatment will occur in and around your head so you probably won’t be able to reap the wrinkle reducing benefits at the same time. Botox isn’t right for everyone so discuss it with your doctor.

5. Engage in Muscle Relaxation Exercises

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If you want to limit the amount of medication you take, this alternative form of treating migraines can really help. It involves learning to relax your muscles, which increases blood flow through your body, relieving the pain in your head. This might include things like yoga or meditation and you can learn how to do it right by seeing a professional.

6. See a Professional Acupuncturist

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Many research studies have shown that regular acupuncture treatments can lessen the severity of migraines. The treatment involves having thin needles inserted into various pressure points in your body. By engaging these points, you may notice a reduction in the number of your migraines or you could see fewer symptoms so you can manage even if you do have a migraine.

7. Make an Appointment to Get a Massage

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Sounds pretty heavenly, right? Certain massage therapists are trained to treat people with migraines. Massage helps relax your muscles, which again improves blood flow, helping reduce blood vessel constriction, which in turn lessens the pain. Ask your doctor for a referral for a reputable massage therapist trained in treating migraines.

Do you get migraines? A headache journal is a great way to figure out what might be causing yours. What other ways do you treat your migraines?

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