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Don't Let These Sneaky Menu Words Make You Eat Unhealthy ...

By Eliza

Eating healthy isn't always that easy when you're in a restaurant because the food is often supersized, which means you're getting more fat and calories than you need. So what's a girl to do? Don't worry. You don't have to skip dining out, but you should be aware of what sneaky little works can trick you into ordering something that isn't good for you. Here's what to avoid.

1 Creamy

CreamyThis word usually indicates a meal packed with cheese, milk or cream, all of which translate into mega fat and mega calories.

2 Bisque

BisqueThis is just a fancy word for a creamy soup that is heavy on the unhealthy stuff.


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3 Fritters

FrittersA fritter is basically just a fried chunk of corn, zucchini or other similar ingredient. Fried food is never a healthy choice so stay away from these.

4 Au Gratin

Au GratinHere's a gourmet way of telling you that the meal you about to eat is loaded with cheese. Too much cheese makes a meal unhealthy so beware.

5 Carbonara

CarbonaraCarbonara is a kind of sauce made from cream, cheese, eggs and bacon. Sure, it's delicious, but it's also a diet bomb.

6 Tempura

TempuraTempura simply means that an item is battered and fried. You'll often see it at sushi places so opt for something else instead.

7 Roux

RouxRoux is usually made from a mixture of flour and oil, which is then used to thicken sauces and soups. It's basically just a load of unhealthy fats and carbs.

8 Scalloped

ScallopedSomething that is scalloped was cooked in butter and cream, then topped with cheese. Not such a healthy choice, right?

9 Stroganoff

StroganoffThis is usually a beef dish that includes meat sauteed in butter and then topped off with sour cream.

10 Smothered

SmotheredAnything that is smothered is never going to be a good choice. Whether it's covered with sauce or cheese, you are going to be getting way to many calories and way too much fat.

11 En Croute

En CrouteThis is a French term that basically means something is wrapped in dough and then fried.

12 Crunchy

CrunchyTo get crunchy, the food was probably fried so stay away from crunchy chicken, shrimp and other similar items.

13 Crispy

CrispyLikewise, crispy menu items were likely fried to give them that pleasing texture when you eat them.

14 Battered

BatteredBeing battered means a food was dipped in batter and then fried. Avoid these foods because they are high in fat and calories.

15 Confit

ConfitUsually used to describe certain meat dishes, confit means that the item was salted, then cooked in its own fat.

16 White Sauce

White SauceWhite sauces are typically made with milk, butter and cream, making them one to stay away from.

17 Golden

GoldenIt might sound super delicious, but golden foods are code for fried foods, meaning they are unhealthy choices.

Which of these descriptions make your mouth water? They are perfectly fine as the occasional indulgence, but you should opt for grilled, baked or veggie based whenever you can.

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