9 Easy and Effective Nutritional Tips for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes ...

Type 2 diabetes affects more people today than ever before, and you should be sure to keep in mind some tips to prevent type 2 diabetes when you make nutrition choices for you and your family. Unlike the form of diabetes that is often genetic, known as type 1, type 2 is caused by a person’s poor health status and lifestyle. Eating a high glycemic diet rich in processed foods, not being active and suffering high blood pressure or high blood sugar are sure ways that type 2 diabetes develops. For specific tips to prevent type 2 diabetes or even treat it while it occurs, implement some of my simple nutritional tips, which anyone and everyone can benefit from.

1. Get Rid of Soda

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Nutrition experts have proven that getting rid of soda and sugary beverages is one of the top tips to prevent type 2 diabetes and even treat existing cases. Sugary drinks like soda directly affect how hard the pancreas has to work to process insulin to keep up with the rush of sugars sent into the blood stream. Over time, this chronic issue causes a person to develop diabetes, along with obesity and other weight-related illnesses. Get rid of soda and load up on water- ASAP!

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