7 Easy Changes to Make to Your Diet ...


7 Easy Changes to Make to Your Diet ...
7 Easy Changes to Make to Your Diet ...

When you want to start eating healthy, you need to know what changes to make to your diet. It’s not always about eliminating “bad” foods. Sometimes you just need to add more of the good stuff. Sometimes, when I start reading about a new diet, I get insanely overwhelmed with all the rules and limitations. While many of the diet plans out there are great and definitely do the job to help people eat healthier, they can also be unrealistic. If you share my same feelings then these 7 easy changes to make to your diet are for you.

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Add More Water

Water is good for you. Not only will it keep you hydrated and healthy but it will also help you fight hunger pains. Sometimes we aren’t even hungry when we start to think that we are. If you know you have just eaten a short time ago and feel the urge to snack, grab a glass of water instead. If you still feel hungry after drinking, go ahead and eat something. Keep reading for more changes to make to your diet.


Fill Your Plate with Veggies

You don’t need to eliminate any foods to be healthy, you just need to fill up on the healthier ones. A plate of leafy green veggies is way better for you than a plate of greasy fries. The good thing is that after you’ve had those veggies, you can still have some fries, but hopefully you will be too full to eat too much else.


Add a Meatless Meal Once a Week

I know many friends that have lost weight just by giving up meat for one dinner a week. A few friends have gone as far as having a meatless day each week. I encourage you to try going meatless too and let me know how it has worked out for you.


Plan a Cheat

So many diets mess us up by telling us what we can’t eat. I don’t know about you, but the second someone tells me I can’t have a chocolate cake, it’s the only thing I can think about. This is crazy because I am not a big fan of chocolate cake. Just knowing that it is not allowed makes me want it. Instead of feeling deprived, I have changed my diet by planning one cheat a week. I don’t suggest an entire cheat day each week, just one cheat for the week. Make it a good one.


Healthier Alternatives

I am always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to some of my favorite foods. I’m a chip and dip kind of girl. It makes complete sense why hummus and pita chips quickly became a favorite of mine. It may not be the exact same as potato chips and ranch dip, but it helps calm that craving when it comes.


Try New Things

How often do you try a new food? I suggest trying something new each week. When I go to the grocery store, I try to look for a new fruit or vegetable I have never tried before. A good way to start is by finding out what things are in season. You may just so happen to find a new favorite. Since doing this I have added kale, sweet potatoes, and leeks to my diet.


Stick to Old Favorites

Do you have a favorite food you haven't eaten in a while? I know I go through spurts where I will eat the same food over and over again until I am sick of it. It will be months before I even think of eating that food again. Think back to some of your favorite healthy snacks from the past and try adding a few into your current diet. I plan to add hummus and popcorn back to my diet this week.

I’ve given you 7 changes to make to your diet. If nothing else, these suggestions should help switch up your current eating plan by trying new things, reuniting you with old faves, and challenging your creativity. Let me know how these changes help you.

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