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We all have our own ways to deal with anger, but are they effective? Are they healthy? Or are our ways to deal with anger hurting us and our relationships with other people? If you’re a curse-yeller, or a road-rager, keep reading. Here are 7 effective ways to deal with anger, none of which will land you in any more trouble, and all of which will help you defuse.

1. Walk Away

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If you’re in a conversation that you’re sure is bound to turn into a «heated debate» or outright argument, it might be best to simply walk away. Of course, it’s most polite to tell the other person why you’re walking away, or you’ll simply transfer the anger and frustration to them!

2. Write It down

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Sometimes, if you’re feeling frustrated, one of the best ways to deal with anger is to write it down. Write a letter to the person who’s making you angry, detailing what they’re doing to make you mad, and how they can fix it. When you’re done, if you feel better, tear it up and throw it away. If you think it will help, though, and if the letter isn’t inflammatory, feel free to send it.

3. Speak up

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If there’s someone in particular that’s making you angry, it may be most helpful and effective to tell them what they’re doing to make you feel that way. That person may not even realize they’re making you angry, and if you tell them in a polite, non-confrontational way, they may stop.

4. Shout It out

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This is one of the ways to deal with anger that works best for me, because I tend to be a hot-head and a yeller. I just walk away (item 1), go into the bathroom or bedroom, then put my face in a towel and scream. It doesn’t help all the time, with every cause of anger, but it sure does help when I’m angry with my ex. *wink

5. Count to Ten… or Twenty

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This is a trick I’ve seen my own mother use numerous times. She’s the most patient, understanding person I know, but when I was little, I’m sure I got on her nerves. But rather than yelling at me, my mother would count to ten (in her head, not out loud), then address my annoying question or statement or habit.

6. Don’t Indulge

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If you’re angry, you may be tempted to indulge in destructive or abusive behavior, dishing back what the person you’re dealing with is dishing you. Don’t do it! Taking the high road may not feel like the best option at the time, but this truly is, especially in cases of road rage, the best way to deal with anger. Don’t engage!

7. Get Help

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If you’ve tried all of these ways to deal with anger, and more, and you’re still on a hair trigger, there could be something else going on. You might be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, depression, or any number of other things. Seek professional help. Soon. Don’t wait until you’ve damaged an important relationship, or yourself.

Which of these ways to deal with anger do you think works best, and why? Or are you always calm and patient and sweet-tempered? If not… which is impossible anyway, I think, do you have any other ways to deal with anger that you’d like to share?

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