7 Essential Oils with Medicinal Uses to Keep in Your Medicine Cabinet ...

There are many essential oils with medicinal uses which can be quite effective for a variety of ailments. Essential oils are made from extracting aromatic essences from trees, fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices. They can be used medicinally in a variety of ways. Often, essential oils with medicinal uses are massaged into skin, placed in a bath, used in hot or cold compresses, used as a mouthwash, or inhaled with steam. Used in these ways, essential oils can be very beneficial for any number of physical or mental complaints.

1. Cedar Oil

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Cedar oil is one of the first essential oils with medicinal uses to be employed for common problems. It has a rich, woody scent that can be emotionally grounding and can help relieve nervous tension. Cedar oil also has antiseptic, anti-seborrheic and astringent properties, which make it a great oil to use if you have acne, oily skin, or dandruff. To combat dandruff, 6 drops of cedar oil, rosemary oil, and cyprus oil can mixed into 1.5 ounces of carrier oil and scrubbed onto the scalp. The only cautionary note about cedar oil is that you want to make sure you are using cedrus atlantica or atlas cedar oil.

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