Exercise Music 9 New Workout Songs to Boost Your Energy ...


Exercise Music 9 New Workout Songs to Boost Your Energy ...
Exercise Music 9 New Workout Songs to Boost Your Energy ...

Exercise Music can be hard to come by, especially if you are sick of your old playlist. If you are constantly in the gym and constantly looking for new workout songs, you're in luck! The worst situation to be in is at the gym with music that doesn't get you motivated to burn those calories. Don't worry ladies, I got your back – just take a look at all the exercise music that I have below!

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Telephone by Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce

Lady Gaga is a surefire motivation for me, it doesn't matter what song of hers comes on. Telephone in particular though seems to whip me into shape and makes me want to work my butt of to burn all of those calories! This is definitely exercise music that motivates me, what about you ladies? Can you get down with LG?


Dance Dance by Fall out Boy

Fall Out Boy is one of those bands that I always seem to forget about – until I plug my iPod in and start jamming out to songs like Dance Dance. This song gets me off of the chair and in the mood to shake everything! It's super catchy, totally quirky and I love the beat. This is one of the new workout songs that is totally going on my playlist for the gym!


Mr. Brightside by the Killers

I am so in love with The Killers. I especially love Mr. Brightside – it's so upbeat, so catchy, so singable (is that a word?) that it makes me want to dance, sing and work off all of those extra pounds! I swear that every single time I hear Mr. Brightside (no matter where I am), I start to dance around and sing along. It's great for the gym, great for a walk and ideal for a run (especially when people can't hear you singing).


SexyBack by Justin Timberlake

Whenever I go to the gym I typically feel super confident afterward. It's almost like I did something awesome and I feel beautiful because of it. Justin Timberlake's Sexyback also gives me confidence and it's definitely one of my all-time favorite exercise music songs that I don't think will ever leave my playlist.


Party Rock by LMFAO

This is actually a newer song and a song that you may have heard on the KIA Hamster commercial. It's also a great song to whip your butt into shape at the gym. It's got an awesome beat, cool words and you can jam along to it while you are rocking it out on the treadmill.


Stereo Heart by Gym Class Heroes Ft. Adam Levine

First off – I love Adam Levine. Second, I love Gym Class Heroes, so that makes Stereo Heart a kickbutt song from the beginning! What I didn't know is how great it would be to work out to. Whenever it comes on and I am on the treadmill, instantly I push myself a little harder. It's a love story with a great beat – you should hear it!


Wake up Call by Maroon 5

Told you I loved Adam Levine right? This is a song that actually wakes me up, pushes me to do better and gives me the energy I need to push through my workout. The beat is incredible too ladies, that always helps me not watch the clock and instead focus on the calories that I'm burning.


How to save a Life by the Fray

The Fray is a band that will never get old to me. How to Save a Life is one of the new workout songs that I have added to my playlist and it has been working out amazing! It's got the beat, got the words and I can lose myself in the lyrics. Try it guys, it's pretty spectacular.


Lighters by Eminem

Speaking of motivation, Eminem definitely motivates me in every single way possible. From the fact that he lost so much weight down to the fact that he kicked his drug addiction. This song is light, deep and a song that makes you think – it's a surefire new workout song for me!

With all of the different exercise music out there, why limit yourself to classical or boring new workout songs? You want something fun, something that will motivate you and something that has a great beat. What exercise music do you ladies use when you are hitting the gym? Come on, share!!

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Adam Levine*

Lighters -- So inspirational. I love the other songs as well, but I absolutely love it when I really notice the words and get that feeling. Thanks!

I love sexy back! It's so sexy!! Cause JT is in it!!!

although adam Levine is hot,and I do agree with 6.

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