7 Fruits and Vegetables That Will Worsen IBS and What You Can Eat Instead ...

Having IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and being a veggie lover is really tough with all the fruits and vegetables that will worsen IBS symptoms out there. I adore fresh produce, and if it was up to me, my fridge would be filled with all of it! I sometimes wish my stomach was separate from my cravings, because there are many perfectly healthy foods out there that just do not work well for people with IBS, like myself. Just because a food is healthy does not mean it will digest well. I used to make the mistake of thinking my body would adjust to it, like we hear our bodies will with beans. Well, I’m here to tell you, the pain in the meantime isn’t worth it, not to mention the embarrassing social situations. Why would you force yourself to eat foods that hurt your stomach when there are plenty of other healthy fruits and vegetables to enjoy? Check out these top sources of fruits and vegetables that will worsen IBS and then try to eat substitutions listed below instead. I promise this will make a huge difference to your IBS, and you’ll still be eating healthily!

1. Apples

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Can you believe one of the healthiest fruits out there, is one of the worst fruits and vegetables that will worsen IBS symptoms? It’s true: apples are a big no-no if you have IBS. Apples are high in the type of sugars known as fructose and sorbitol. Both of these don’t digest well in the small intestine, where they can ferment. When this happens, major gas is on the way, along with them taking hours to digest. This causes a lot of pain, drains your energy and can make it hard to eat. Instead of apples, try bananas, oranges or berries. All of these still contain sugars, but different types that are easier to digest. I suggest eating less fruit overall anyway, which makes a huge difference. Fruit sugar is one of the biggest issues for people dealing with IBS.

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