10 Fun Things We Did as a Kid That We Should do Now ...


10 Fun Things We Did as a Kid That We Should do Now ...
10 Fun Things We Did as a Kid That We Should do Now ...

I’m bringing silly back with 10 fun things to do that you did as a kid but rarely do now. Remember all those fun times being a little girl without a care in the world? Well, even if you feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, we should all take some time out for some fun! Here are 10 ideas on fun things we did as a kid that we should definitely start doing now!

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Writing Notes

One of the fun things to do as a kid was passing notes. We email and text like crazy nowadays, but what about writing a hand-written note? I used to love getting notes from friends that were specially folded and decorated! You don’t need to break out the college ruled paper and pencils, but think about sending a hand-written note the next time you send an e-card or text. If you’re feeling really nostalgic, decorate the envelope with stickers and drawings!


Have Sleepovers

I’m not talking about letting a drunk friend crash on the couch, that’s not necessarily a fun thing to do. I mean having a girls night sleepover complete with PJs and pillow fights. Invite some of your girls over for food, movies, cocktails and gossip! Give each other facials while having girl talk or sip cocktails and give each other pedis. Going out is fun, but staying in gives you an opportunity to really talk and bond with your girls!


Have a Secret Crush

Do you have the school or work blues and wish there was something fun to do instead of going to class or the office? As a kid, nothing made school more tolerable than knowing you would be seeing your secret crush in class the next morning so why not relive those days and have a secret crush? If you’re attached, do something special for your "crush" like leave him a note or his favorite snack. The fun part about this isn’t the secret part, it’s looking forward to seeing someone special!


Celebrate Your Birthday like a National Holiday

What day was the best day of the year where you had all sorts of fun things to do and you were princess for a day? Your birthday! As kids we celebrated the hell out of our birthdays and our friends went along with it! This year, celebrate your birthday like it’s New Year’s Eve complete with party favors, tons of decorations, cake and champagne! Your birthday really is a special day and you should treat it as such!


Enjoy Every Moment

One of the best things about being a kid aside from all the fun things to do was that we truly lived in the moment. If we had the best pancakes ever, we savored each bite and made up songs about how delicious it was. Do we marvel over anything like that anymore? Probably not, we’re likely too busy thinking about work or family to even taste our food let alone savor each bite. Take time to really live in each moment without worrying about tomorrow like you did as a child, things will happen regardless of whether you worry or not!


Have Fun and Play

One of the fun things about being a kid is that our job was to basically eat, sleep and play. Okay, so we went to school but other than that, our agenda was filled with fun things to do. Don’t forget to take breaks and vacation days to play and let loose. All work and no play can make a woman cray cray! Play with your kids, family, friends and pets, have all the fun you can handle! There’s no rule to that you have to be serious all the time!


Dress up

Part of the fun part of being a girl was that we could play dress-up anytime we wanted; as long as our parents let us out of the house in our Cinderella costume. Why not channel your favorite movie character and get all dolled up for no reason? You don’t need a special occasion to wear a nice outfit or to get gussied up! It’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed so why not wow your man or friends next time you go out?


Be Friendly

The fun of being a kid is to have the ability to befriend just about anyone and see all new people as potential BFFs. As adults, we often encounter rude or just plain sketchy people who we would never imagine as our friend, but there’s no reason not to be friendly or kind! When you go into a unknown environment like a new job, imagine everyone as a potential friend and the people around you should warm up as well.


Amusement Parks

Some of the fun things to do as a kid was go to an amusement park. Do you remember being so excited you could hardly sleep the night before the outing? As a kid, the amusement park was the ultimate vacation destination and there’s no reason why we can’t relive the fun now! The rides, games, fried food and souvenirs are all just as good (or bad) as when you were young! Make your next road trip a fun park of some sort and relive the good times!


Play Games

Remember being bored as a kid without any fun things to do but playing a game always turned things around! You don’t have to hopscotch home or play Simon Says and annoy all of your friends, but the next time you find yourself feeling unmotivated at work, turn it into a game. Give yourself a goal to do X amount of things and see if you can beat it! Bringing out your competitive side can bring out your best work!

Do you have your own ideas of fun things to do as a kid we should do now? I hope you got some ideas of some fun things to do to bring some fun and entertainment into your day! It really doesn’t take much money or time to have some fun, just think back to when you were a child and all the fun times you had then!

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i still do a lot of these things and i'm in university (:< hehe

I was reading this, i'm in highschool, and i laughed at all of them cause me and my friends do these things allllll the time!!!!!!!

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