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I have 7 good dares for you. Don’t worry, these great dares won’t have you jumping off buildings or meeting your boyfriend’s parents in your birthday suite. Instead these 7 dares will help you gain health and wellness. Is there a good dare in this list you'd like to try out for yourself? Just read on to find out!

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Go to Bed Early

There are lots of good dares that are amazingly easy to follow -- like this one. I know you’ve heard it before, but the thing is sleep is so important to a healthy body. You can’t give it your all if you are tired from lack of sleep. Without sleep everything suffers. You are in a bad mood, you can’t concentrate, and you can’t give it all you got when you work out. Do yourself a favor and go to bed a little earlier, I dare you!


Keep a Food Journal

This good dare is a bit scary. Keep track of every little bite you take for one week. By every bite, I mean every bite. It’s very likely you are eating things without realizing it. I have a habit of eating a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter when cooking dinner or looking for a snack. I do it without thinking and those calories can add up quick and wreck my weight loss goals. A food journal will help you catch your diet mistakes so you can make changes.


Visit Your Doctor

Other good dares are really important for your overall health. Even if you aren’t feeling sick, I dare you to go see your doctor. It’s important to get check-ups. If you haven’t been in for your yearly pap smear in 3 years or haven’t had a full physical in a long time, you need to see your doctor soon. Routine care is the best way to prevent or catch early signs or serious medical complications.


Drink More Water

How much water do you drink every day? Is it enough? If you aren’t drinking 8 glasses of water a day I dare you to drink more water. Aim for 8 glasses. Drink a full glass of water after waking, drinking another glass before each meal, try to drink at least one glass between each meal, one with your work out, and finally one before bed.


Try Something New

Trying something new is always a good dare. Give it a shot. Try a new work out. Run a new route. Have you ever tried spinning? Give it a shot. Don’t forget to try new foods too. There are so many delicious health foods that many of us turn away from because they seem strange, but you really don’t know until you try.


Eat a Vegetarian Dinner Once a Week

There are many benefits to eating vegetarian. First off it helps mix things up a little bit and makes you think outside the box when preparing dinner. By eating just one vegetarian dinner a week you will cut a decent amount of saturated fat and cholesterol from meat out of your diet. It is also a way to save money at the grocery store.


Challenge Yourself

I dare you to challenge yourself. Most of us stay within our comfort zones. We stick with what we like and know best and try not to ruffle any feathers in the process. I’m daring you to ruffle those feathers and push as far as you can go. Have you ever ran a half-marathon? Why not sign up for one and train? If half-marathon is too big start with a 5K and work up.

You see dares aren’t always bad or made to embarrass and humiliate you. Good dares can get you healthy, try new things, and help achieve your health and wellness goals. What great dares are you going to put yourself up to?

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