7 Good Habits for 2012 ...

Good Habits don’t always come easy, but breaking bad habits can be even harder. Instead of focusing on the bad things I need to stop doing, I plan to focus on creating or boosting 7 Good Habits for 2012. The hope is the new good habits I create will sub-consciously replace my bad habits with little effort. If you need to improve your habits too, here are some great suggestions!

1. Patience

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Patience is a very important good habit. We spend so much time rushing from one thing to another. We want things done 5 minutes ago, but the old saying holds true, β€œGood things come to those who wait.” Instead of being in a rush all of 2012, I want to see what some of those good thing are all about.

2. Moral Courage

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How many times have you walked away or ignored something wrong, because you didn’t have the courage to stand up for what you know is right? I’ve done it more times than Iβ€˜d like to admit. Instead of turning a blind eye I want to stand up and be heard. If enough people cultivate this habit amazing things could happen.

3. Perseverance

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This is a very hard habit to develop. It goes in hand with a couple of other good habits, like patience. Often times when I’m working on a goal but feel as though I’m failing more than I am gaining progress I quit. I quit too easily. With perseverance I will learn to press on and not give up.

4. Self- Encouragement

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I need to create a positive attitude toward myself. This starts with a little self-encouragement. Instead of beating myself up, I will focus on being my number one fan. If I can’t feel proud and encouraged for me, then how can I expect it from anyone else?

5. Kindness

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I admit I can seem evil to others at times. People don’t always understand my sense of humor or sarcasm. To them, I am just a wicked old hag. Inside I am actually very kind and friendly. In 2012 I would like to get in the good habit of letting that kindness identify me, not my sarcasm.

6. Healthy Attitude

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This good habit will get rid of the frustrating voice that asks, β€œWhy me,” or says, β€œThis is so not fair.” I don’t want to be that person that always feels the victim. Having a negative attitude makes those hard situations worse. I’m choosing to keep a healthy positive attitude for now on.

7. Avoid Drama

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It is easy to get caught up in drama, whether it’s in your own life or someone else's. I want to create a drama free fortress around myself. No drama shall penetrate the walls and disturb my inner calm. This may mean cutting a few friends that always seem to be in the middle of drama out of my close circle.

I think creating good habits will be easier than trying to break my bad habits. My first step to creating many of these good habits will be focusing on the positive and avoiding the negative. What good habits are you looking to add to your life in 2012?

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