8 Good Reasons That You Can't Sleep at Night ...

Ever wonder about the reasons you can’t sleep at night? Did you drink coffee too late? Did you eat too much? Maybe you just can’t stop thinking about something. There are many reasons you can’t sleep at night and I’m here to tell you about eight common reasons we can’t get the good night sleep we crave. Being informed about the reasons you can’t sleep can help make falling asleep that much easier!

1. You Work out Late

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You might mean well but working out too late in the evening could be one of the reasons you can’t sleep at night. If you do your workout at night thinking it will tire you out, it can do the exact opposite! Having a rigorous workout within three hours of hitting the hay can raise your heart rate and overstimulate your metabolism, making sleep seem impossible. Aim to work out earlier at night or work out in the morning.

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