7 Good Reasons to Join a Gym ...

Why should you Join a Gym? There are so many reasons TO join a gym, it might be easier to tell you why you shouldn’t join a gym! It’s a haven for other health-conscious people, people who, like you, want to lose weight and keep it off for good! Still not convinced? Here are 7 good reasons to join a gym.

1. Pro Help

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Even if you don’t hire your own personal trainer, if you join a gym, you’ll instantly have access to all kinds of pro tips and help. There’s the staff, the instructors, and even your fellow gym-goers, all eager to help you do it, and do it right.

2. Best Equipment

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Let’s face it: unless you have an unlimited budget, you won’t be able to afford the fabulous workout machine and equipment they have at the gym. If you join a gym, your puny membership fee (sometimes as little as ten dollars a month) will give you access to top-of-the-line equipment in a way you can afford it.

3. Access to Classes

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Most reputable gyms also offer classes, some for an extra fee, some included in your membership. It’s a great way to try something new, from Zumba to spinning to yoga.

4. Workout Place and Time!

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I’ve found that even if I mean to set time aside at home, I get distracted. There’s laundry and dishes to do, TV to watch… and my workout never happens. But if I join a gym, I’m much more inclined to get dressed and go. It really does help to have a time and place to work out, away from home!

5. Encouragement

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Aside from the knowledge base joining a gym will provide, your fellow gym members will give you two other helpful services: encouragement and/or guilt. Disappear for a few days and see what grief your workout buddies will give you when you come back… and the encouragement you might need will be there, too.

6. Some Provide Day Care

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If you’re a busy mom, here’s another reason to join a gym: some provide on-site day care, so now you have no excuse for not working out! Send the kids to the children’s room for an hour, and get to sweating, mama!

7. The Cost May Be an Incentive

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Finally, the reason to join a gym for the cheap-skates like me: if you pay for it, you’re probably more likely to actually use it. After all, why let that membership fee go to waste?

With so many excellent reasons to join a gym, what are you waiting for? Start gathering suggestions from friends and check a few of them out! Which of these reasons convinced you to join a gym? Or was there another reason you joined the gym? Do tell!

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