7 Great Gifts for Runners ...

This year, I’m a girl on a mission. I’m going to buy everyone on my list the perfect gift, one they’ll love, and recall fondly years from now as the best gift they’ve ever gotten. First stop: my boyfriend, an outdoorsy type who’s also a runner. I’ve scoured the internet and every running store on the planet, and what looks to you like a “best of” list of gifts for runners is now my to-buy list. Here are 9 great gifts for runners, girls and boys alike.

1. RoadID Bracelet

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What would happen if your runner was injured during a run? How would first responders notify you? That’s where this RoadID bracelet comes in handy. It comes custom-engraved with all of the info someone would need in a medical emergency. It’s the very first item on my list of gifts for runners for a reason… it’s so important! It also happens to be stylish, available in several styles and colors.

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