7 Great Gifts for Runners ...

By Jennifer

7 Great Gifts for Runners ...

This year, I’m a girl on a mission. I’m going to buy everyone on my list the perfect gift, one they’ll love, and recall fondly years from now as the best gift they’ve ever gotten. First stop: my boyfriend, an outdoorsy type who’s also a runner. I’ve scoured the internet and every running store on the planet, and what looks to you like a “best of” list of gifts for runners is now my to-buy list. Here are 9 great gifts for runners, girls and boys alike.

1 RoadID Bracelet

What would happen if your runner was injured during a run? How would first responders notify you? That’s where this RoadID bracelet comes in handy. It comes custom-engraved with all of the info someone would need in a medical emergency. It’s the very first item on my list of gifts for runners for a reason… it’s so important! It also happens to be stylish, available in several styles and colors.

2 Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

My boyfriend has literally gone puppy-dog eyed when he’s talked about these Garmin GPS runner’s watches. They track everything — duration, speed, terrain, heart rate, route, EVERYTHING — and you can download your runs to share and compare them. They’re pricey, but worth it. From what I can tell, they top almost every “gifts for runners” list on the web.

3 The North Face Runner’s Gloves

Why would someone need special gloves just for running? To keep your hands cool… but warm. The palms are made of cool mesh, the backs of the hands of wind-resistant fabric. They include a small pocket for a key, too, for convenience.

4 Nike Shield Winter Vest

Look! Bright green, with reflectors! Can you think of a vest that will keep your runner cozier, more visible, and therefore safer? It comes in three colors for men, and a range of colors for women, though I like the neon green color best. A gift of warmth and safety? I can’t imagine a better gift for runners.

5 The North Face “Eat My Dust” Skirt

In every race I’ve run, I’ve seen women wearing these running skirts, and I love them! They have a modest little short underneath, and they look (and apparently feel) very comfortable! This one comes in three colors, too, so there’s sure to be a skirt that makes a perfect runner’s gift, no matter what her style.

6 IPod Nano

Music can either hurt a runner’s pace, or help it. If the runner on your list loves to run with tunes, then the iPod Nano is another great gift for runners. It’s small, and best of all, it works with the popular Nike+ training system.

7 Life is Good “Running Mates” Tee

In this election year, it’s important to choose the right running mate. That’s why I heartily recommend this tee as the ideal gift for runners. It’s made of 100% cotton and is slightly fitted for a comfortable fit. My name is Jennifer, and I approve this message.

Wow, there are a lot of cool gifts for runners! Now I want most of these too! Which of these gifts do you think the runner on your list will like the most? Or, if you’re a runner, which one do you want? Or is there another gift for runners you want more?

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