7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Life ...

By Laura

7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Life ...

Sometimes , you may have days (or even weeks or months) when you're stuck in a funk that leaves you looking for reasons to love your life again... Guess what?! Everyone does! So next time your friends/family/loved one is struggling to shake the dark cloud over their head and feeling like it's the end of the world and things couldn't possibly get any worse, remind them of why you love them and maybe they'll remember how good their life is and why they should love themselves and their life too!

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You Have People Who Love You

This is one of the most obvious reasons but when you are feeling down it can be hard to remember this simple fact. Whether it's parents, a child, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, best friend, sibling, cousin, or even pet... someone, somewhere, loves you. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded we have more than just the one person who loves us. Always remind them of the other people who love them besides you.


You Are Beautiful

Whether they think so right now or not, they are beautiful. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget to do things that make ourselves feel good. Things like get our hair done, take time to paint our nails, pluck our eyebrows, or go shopping for an outfit that we will look and feel amazing in are all it takes to remind us, but then there's the times we need the reassurance from others. The next time you are trying to cheer someone up, remind them of how beautiful they are inside and out. Offer to set up a girls spa day and go together or even just simple mani/pedis hanging at home gossiping! Sometimes we all just need a quick refresh after a tough week or month to get back on track!


Because You Love

We all have TV shows, movies, games, books, or music that we hold very close to our hearts. We get so excited when our favorite artist drops a new CD or when the third book of our favorite series is released. Realizing that there's still have so much new to look forward to in the future and telling your loved one that you love them for their enthusiasm can make all the difference. All those moments of excitement, love, sadness, laughter, and inspiration are all reasons to love someone-their energy for life and the things it has to offer.


You Can Always Learn Something New

No matter how old they are they are always willing to learn something new. Suggesting a fun new hobby to get excited about like music lessons or learning another language; the happiness they feel accomplishing something new will be another great reason to love them. Never forget the things they already do well that others can't. By reminding them that one of their great abilities which something they may take for granted or underestimate.


You Have the Power to Change Lives

Many people feel like they don't have the power to change the world by being only one person. While this may be true sometimes, it only takes one person to change another individual's life. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, foster dogs or cats until they find a good home, or donate money or household items to a family in need. Knowing that the power to help change someone's life or bring joy to others is a great way to bring joy to your own life... Remind them of this.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

You Enjoy the Little Things

One of the best feelings in life is drawing joy out of the little things that make you happy. Even with everything going on in your life stressing you out or making you upset, these little things can still make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm talking about the feeling you get when you wrap up in a blanket and drink cocoa on a rainy day, or hear an old favorite song you haven't heard in years, or the first bite of a warm and gooey chocolate cookie. If you take the time to enjoy the little things that make you happy in life, you can forget about every other complicated thing going on and just love your life in that moment.


You Have Life Events to Look Forward to

Especially when you're young, you still have so much to look forward to! There are so many things to still get excited about in life and plan! Even if you are further ahead in completing all your life events, that doesn't mean you can't create new ones for yourself or share with your loved one in theirs. Maybe they want to finish writing a novel, start dog breeding, or stay in Paris for a month; as long as they keep giving their self big events to work towards, they will always be loving life and looking forward to what's ahead. That optimism is contagious and a great reason to love someone.

I hope that this inspires you to remind those around you of how great their life is when they feel it isn’t. There are so many suicides nowadays, especially with younger kids, which makes it even more upsetting. I wish they knew that even one person loving them is an accomplishment... What are some reasons why you love those in your life?

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