7 Great Ways to Escape the Daily Grind ...


7 Great Ways to Escape the Daily Grind ...
7 Great Ways to Escape the Daily Grind ...

Is your day so busy that on Monday you already anticipate the coming weekend and find yourself looking for ways to escape the daily grind? After the lunch hour do you check your watch and wonder where the morning went? I do, too! If your second cup of coffee doesn’t hit the spot, take a little walk and think about think about this list of ways to escape the daily grind. Indulge in one of these activities and renew your spirit!

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Yoga and Mediation

Yoga and Mediation I love yoga! Yoga has the incredible ability to stretch your muscles while relaxing your mind at the same time. It’s wonderful. It is also wonderfully therapeutic. The meditative nature of yoga can help heal your mind as well as your body. So, grab your yoga mat, move that furniture aside, and get to work! Yoga is one of the best ways to escape the daily grind.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour Never underestimate the power of a tasty drink and good company at a place you don’t have to clean! When your day is particularly overwhelming, grab your wallet, call up a couple friends, and head out to a restaurant or bar for a few hours. Engage in some laughs and good stories, catch up with everyone and enjoy yourself!


Scenic Route

Scenic Route When I lived in a big city, my commute was hardly ever above ground. Living in the city provided a different kind of daily commute option of either tunnels or an endless skyline of office buildings. If this is also your experience then try taking the scenic route! Choose a different route, take your time, and enjoy the view. You just might notice something you hadn’t noticed before!



Photography As consumers in the twenty-first century there is a myriad of ways to access images. The Internet is an amazing place, isn’t it? While it is entertaining to view photographs online or in a gallery, they are images created by other people. Think about creating your own pieces. Not to mention that, similar to yoga, photography requires a bit of meditation and reflection. And, it’s fun!



Paint If photography is not your thing then perhaps painting is! Painting can be fun and therapeutic. Sign up for a class after work or grab some supplies, head home and get to work. It’s okay if you have no idea what to paint. Just paint anything! The point is to have fun with it! Worry about the painting details later.


Book or Magazine Stack (Indulge Imagination)

Book or Magazine Stack (Indulge Imagination) I love a good book. Historical fiction is my favorite! Picking up a good book after a long day provides me another kind of escape. Perhaps you have a favorite book on hold or a magazine that you love is waiting for you on your coffee table. Grab your reading material and find a quiet and comfortable spot, and settle in. Reading is a great way to escape the daily grind.



Dance! When all else fails, turn up the music and dance! Get your body moving and shake off the day. My favorite song for this is Beyoncé’s "Move Your Body." I am partial to the music video version where all the dancers are high school students and teachers. It’s an incredibly fun song. No matter your musical choice, get moving!

A new day is on the way whether you are ready or not. Take time to enjoy life and make each day count. How do you escape the daily grind? Do you have any suggestions? Please, share!

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