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7 Gross Things about Fast Food ...

By Amber

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are several gross things about fast food (and beverages) you need to know. Not only are they willingly serving you food that is not exactly good for you, it might in fact be downright disgusting. If you want to avoid these foods altogether, you definitely need to read this article that lists 7 gross things about fast food!

1 Bugs in Peanut Butter

You might want to switch to natural peanut butter after hearing one of these gross things about fast food. I mean, just reading that title makes you feel a little skeevy, right? Well, it is indeed true. The FDA allows there to be about 30 or more insects in your peanut butter. And get this, they allow rodent hairs too! Steer clear if you can. That is so disgusting.

2 Reusable Water?

That sounds crazy, I know. But, that cup of water that you asked for with your meal may have been used earlier in the day! The source that fast food restaurants get their water from is a reusable source, and they’re not afraid to dispense it to you. Get stress free, and buy it bottled (and make sure it’s packaged in the U.S.)!

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3 Hair in Food

In the course of a year, the average customer would not only have consumed hair, it’s in fact 12 pubic hairs we’re looking at. It’s not too far fetched either, considering how many people find hair in their food on a regular basis. I’m not sure how it happens, but I’m definitely leery about hitting a fast food joint right about now.

4 Trans Fats

Do you remember when it became illegal to put trans fats in foods to sell to the public? Well, fast food restaurants may have found a sneaky way around that. The trans fats are hidden. They can claim to have zero, when the FDA does allow them to have a small amount, less than 1 gram. Those grams add up, and are super unhealthy for you, and I don’t like it!

5 Ammonia Cleaned Meat?

Yup, you read that right. What the FDA is not telling you might eventually kill you! The beef that most fast food restaurants have comes from slaughterhouses. This beef is the trimmings, can come from thousands of different cows, is very fatty, and comes from a place where bacteria could thrive and spread. In order to get rid of these toxins in the meat, the FDA allows ammonia gas to be used! Be careful about where you get your meat, ladies!

6 French Fries

I sort of wish I had never seen this fact. I am an avid French fry lover, but I’m not so sure now. Most fast food restaurants have been known to dip their fries in sugar. Sugar? Why? Because it helps give fries that crispness. So they're fatty, oily, starchy, and now, with my newfound knowledge, I know that they're sugary too. What a shame.

7 Salads

Salads are supposed to be healthy for you, right? Wrong! In fast food restaurants, they use anti-freeze to keep your salad crisp and limp-free. Now, if I bought a salad thinking it was healthy for me, imagine the shock I would get when I later felt the effects of the antifreeze: skin and eye irritation, among many others. It’s sad that even the healthiest part about fast food can be just as bad as anything else on the menu!

I don’t eat at fast food restaurants very often. But, there are times when I’m craving junk, and it hits the spot. And now that I’ve read up on the gross things about fast food, I’m not too sure I’ll have that craving anytime soon. Anyway, I hope this had made you consider changing your diet to something healthier than fast food! What gross things do you know about fast food?

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