10 Habits of Women with Very Little Belly Fat ...

By Eliza

10 Habits of Women with Very Little Belly Fat ...

Is your belly area your trouble spot? You aren’t the only one. In fact, many women complain that they hate their middle and would do anything to slim it down and get rid of flab. Unfortunately, women tend to hold fat in their waist area so it’s something you’ll really have to work for. That’s why I went to girls with very little belly fat and asked them how they keep their abs tones and slimmed down. Here they are!

1 They Never, Ever Drink Diet Soda

eyewear, hair, clothing, glasses, blond, You might think that opting for diet will save you tons of calories. You are right in that regard, but you trade that benefit for the downfalls of artificial sweeteners. For some women, they can cause bloating. Research also shows that artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking that sugar is coming, which causes a spike to your insulin levels, something that can lead to a larger waist.

2 They Eat a Lot of Beans

They Eat a Lot of Beans Beans are a great addition to your flat belly diet because they are packed with fiber, which helps you feel full and can prevent overeating later in the day. Beans have also been linked to a lower accumulation of belly fat when eaten on a regular basis. Choose canned versions, which are much less likely to cause bloating and gas than the dried version.

3 They Choose Green Tea over Coffee

They Choose Green Tea over Coffee Yes, coffee has its benefits, but if you want to get rid of belly flab, green tea is your drink of choice. Research proves that green tea has plant compounds that help blast belly fat and increases your metabolism at the same time. Instead of reaching for another cup of joe, why not brew up a mug of green tea. It works hot or cold, so enjoy!

4 They Nibble on Walnuts at Snack Time

They Nibble on Walnuts at Snack Time If you want to have a slim belly that is free of flab, walnuts should be one of your snacks of choice. Walnuts contain polyunsaturated fats, which have been linked to a reduction of fat storage in your body and improves your metabolism. The nuts do contain more calories than other snacks, so be sure you eat them in moderate portions. A handful is all you need to reap the benefits.

5 They Never Skip Meals

They Never Skip Meals You might think that skipping meals can save you some calories and help you get rid of belly flab. The truth is just the opposite though. Skipping a meal sets you up for a binge later in the day because you’ll get so hungry that you’ll just eat whatever comes your way. Girls with slim tummies eat three meals a day, but make sure they don’t take in too many calories over the course of the day.

6 They Don’t Eat Refined Grains

They Don’t Eat Refined Grains The problem with refined grains is that they are often stripped of many of their nutrients. Because of that, they can cause a spike in insulin not long after you eat them. On the other hand, complex carbs fill you up and keep you from getting hungry between meals. Plus, they have way more nutrients than the refined version.

7 They Sprinkle Their Meals with Black Pepper

They Sprinkle Their Meals with Black Pepper Black pepper adds lots of flavor to meals, but that’s not the only reason girls with flab-free bellies use it when they cook. Pepper contains a specific compound that fights the formation of new fat cells. Put black pepper on eggs, potatoes, meat and veggies. Yum!

8 They Drink Enough Water

Boxed Water, protest, advertising, BOXED, WATER, I can't stress how important proper hydration is. It's key to your entire body! It helps reduce food cravings, it ensures you're not bloated, and it keeps your organs running in tip top shape. Flat belly girls always drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to ensure they're staying at their prime.

9 They Don't Drink

human action, person, beauty, finger, hand, Ever notice bloating after a night out with the girls? Flat bellied girls know that drinking wreaks havoc on your body. The body burns alcoholic calories first which means anything you eat while drinking doesn't get digested as quickly. Plus, drinking is high in calories, and if you're a beer girl, the sodium content is astronomical which causes unnecessary water retention and bloating.

10 You Eat Routinely

cup, dish, food, dessert, breakfast, A lot of times when on a diet plan, we find what we like and we eat it-over, and over, and over again. Don't! Eating the same thing for too long can actually slow down your metabolism which can actually end up causing weight gain and belly bloat, taking away from that flat stomach you dream of.

Which of these things will you do to get rid of belly flab?

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Such great advice

Tbh I don't have any belly fat really and I don't do much of these I only do the "No drinking diet soda" and "Green tea over coffee" buts because I hate coffee

It is true.... It really works

So not true

I'll be trunk these tips!

It is so true, it has been a life style for me in the last 15 years and I'm very proud of my belly💯

Thank you dieting tips that don't involve starving yourself and preventing you from enjoying food

Why is there only two things? wheres the restvof the tips?

I have very little belly fat and I do none of them..

Lemon water!

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