7 Hand Mudras You Can Incorporate into Your Yoga Practice Today ...

Hand mudras stimulate different organs to help cleanse your system during yoga and meditation. I’ve recently become incredibly obsessed with the various hand mudras and always love to learn new ones. I find it fascinating because hand mudras are not only used in yoga but also in Hindu rituals and classical dances. I think it’s important to bring your awareness to hand mudras and begin to incorporate them in your own practice.

1. Anjali Mudra

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This is the most well-known hand mudra when it comes to yoga. Bringing your hands together in prayer form at the heart connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain according to yogajournal.com. It also focuses your awareness at the heart center or Anahata chakra. You may do this mudra in Mountain Pose of Tree Pose. What yoga poses can you think of that also include this hand mudra?

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